Student Accommodation

The Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation, affectionately known as TuksRes, comprises diverse management teams dedicated to serving students in university residences.

With an extensive residential community of nearly 8,000 students, in addition to over 10,000 accredited student accommodation beds, the University of Pretoria proudly holds the distinction of being the largest residential university in South Africa.

The comprehensive framework of TuksRes enables effective management of the diverse requirements of our student population residing within university housing.

About Us

In October 2004, the University of Pretoria's Council took a decisive step to enhance efficiency by consolidating all functions associated with residences into a single business unit. This strategic move aimed to dissolve the isolated operational structures scattered across the campus, leading to the inception of the Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation, affectionately known as TuksRes.


To offer an on-campus living environment that supports each student’s academic experience at the University of Pretoria.


To strive towards creating a community that fosters safety/security, personal development/growth and the rendering of professional services. We are furthermore committed to be responsive to the needs of all residents and to be driven by the ideal of realising a better quality of student life in our residences.

As we live by our motto – Legaegae, Real Home – we strive to provide each and every student with a living community they can call home.

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