Modern organizations cannot function without information and the technology with which they gather, store, compute and make available the information. The successful application of technology is, however, more than just writing computer programs. Computer programs are important, but an understanding of the business within which the organization functions and an understanding of the use of information and information technology to support the objectives of the organization, are far more important.

Informatics is a multi-disciplinary subject, where information, Information Systems, and the integration thereof into the organization, are studied for the benefit of the entire system (individual, organization and community).

The Department of Informatics offers a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Although we have fully equipped computer laboratories that can be used by our students for their practical work, we prefer that they have a laptop and Internet access for their studies.

We are very proud of our relationship with the departments of Information Science and Computer Science – our sister departments in the School of Information Technology, and we are also very proud to be a member of the iSchools Organization.





It has come to the attention of the University of Pretoria that a private business has been targeting students from the EBIT Faculty for private tutoring in preparation for the upcoming examinations. The tutor sessions are presented from venues on the University’s Hatfield Campus ostensibly trying to create the impression that the sessions are approved by the University. The use of the venues has not been approved and thus the venues are being used without permission to generate income for the private business. The University is not opposed to students seeking additional tutoring, but it should be made clear that the onus is on the student seeking tutoring that the external tutoring business has been vetted, approved and/or accredited by the University. 




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