ANTI-DISCRIMINATION WEEK: Think and think again!

Posted on October 01, 2021

RETHINK @NAS: Think and think again


Ms Nontando Radebe, Business Partner: Human Resources for NAS says: "'If one were to walk up to me right and ask me if I discriminate against others, my first response would be, without a thought, Of course not!' 


However, if one were to present me with behavioural examples of discrimination, my response would change. Firstly, there would be some thought to it and then probably I would say, 'I can see how this could be viewed as discriminatory behaviour.' 


As human beings, we generally do not want to be associated with negative behaviours.


When I was presented with the [email protected] concept, the acronym on its own had meaning to me. It required me to go into my thought processes, think and then think again. I think it's a powerful acronym meant to challenge you in your day to day activities and when relating to others around you."

- Author NAS
Published by Martie Meyer

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