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The Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences is recognised as one of the top science faculties at tertiary institutions in South Africa, due to the successes and achievements of our students and graduates. We are proud to say that our Faculty attracts some of the best students in the country.

The Faculty is committed to educating young scientists in support of the South African government’s initiative to increase the knowledge base of our community, specifically in the fields of science and technology. The Faculty offers a variety of programmes ranging from the more fundamental mathematical and physical sciences to the biological and more applied agricultural and food sciences.

Our programmes are designed to prepare our graduates to be scientific professionals for the job market and in addition to this to equip students with sufficient background knowledge to enter postgraduate study programmes. In addition to the normal degree programmes the Faculty also offers a four-year BSc programme which is a one-year extension of our normal study programmes. This provides an opportunity to students who do not meet the minimum admission requirements for the programmes mentioned in this prospectus, but who show the potential to learn the necessary skills when given the opportunity. 

Prospective students must consult the faculty yearbook (undergraduate) and/or the faculty brochure for more information on admission requirements of the programmes offered.

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More information about the different undergraduate programmes may also be found on the respective departmental websites. Click here to find a link to a list of the different departments.

Temporary suspension of the degree programme BScAgric Animal and Pasture Science as from 2018 in order to recurriculate and align it with the HEQSF requirements. Click here for more information.

The following undergraduate programmes are presented in the Faculty:

Programme Up

BConSci Clothing Retail Management

BConSci Food Retail Management

BConSci Hospitality Management

BSc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

BSc Applied Mathematics

BSc Biochemistry

BSc Biological Sciences

BSc Biotechnology

BSc Chemistry

BSc Culinary Science

BSc Ecology

BSc Engineering and Environmental Geology

BSc Entomology

BSc Environmental Sciences

BSc Extended programme - Biological and Agricultural Sciences

BSc Extended programme - Mathematical Sciences

BSc Extended programme - Physical Sciences

BSc Food Science

BSc Genetics

BSc Geography

BSc Geoinformatics

BSc Geology

BSc Human Genetics

BSc Human Physiology

BSc Human Physiology, Genetics and Psychology

BSc Mathematical Statistics

BSc Mathematics

BSc Medical Sciences

BSc Meteorology

BSc Microbiology

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