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Latest T&[email protected] Bulletin (2019) now available
4 February 2019

The second issue of the 2019 T&L [email protected] was officially launched on 1 February 2019.

According to Dr Rory Biggs from the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, one of the editorial members of the Bulletin, "The T&[email protected] Bulletin aims to be a forum for sharing thoughts, ideas, and stories on teaching and learning across NAS. In doing so, we hope to help foster a supportive and collaborative community where we can be inspired by the experiences and innovations, no matter how minor, of all our colleagues.With the second issue of the bulletin now available, and the third planned for later this year, we invite you to be part of this project. "

- Author Martie Meyer
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The editorial team behind the NAS T&L Bulletin, Ms Mpho Thukane, Dr Rory Biggs and Dr Ina Louw