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“UP4Marketing”: BCom Marketing Management attracts prospective students at UP’s 2017 open day
14 June 2017

It was with much excitement that the University of Pretoria opened its gates to prospective students on 20 May 2017. Shortly after 8:00 the walkways of UP’s Hatfield Campus were buzzing with scholars, parents and teachers, all eager to enquire about possible degree choices. Every department at UP had an information booth which they used to showcase their respective degrees, and the Department of Marketing Management’s information booth did not disappoint! One of the parents commented, “You can definitely see they are from the Marketing Department”. The Marketing lecturers put into practise some of the techniques they teach their students by incorporating an experiential element into their information booth. Scholars and families could take a picture in the marketing photo frame and were also given the unique opportunity to look a few years into the future and see themselves as a marketing graduate. 


 Many parents and scholars commented on the passion and enthusiasm with which the Marketing staff communicated about their field and the possible careers one could pursue. A few honours students also assisted during the day to provide interested scholars and parents with valuable information on their experiences studying Marketing Management. Popular questions from prospective students were centred around entry requirements, the subjects they would need to complete during the programme and possible careers they could pursue.

From left to right: Corli du Toit (research assistant), Thinkwell Ndlovu (lecturer), Cassandra Mayer (honours student) and Prof Pierre Mostert (lecturer).

From left to right: Bianca Frost (lecturer), Dr Liezl-Marié Kruger (lecturer) and Dr Tania Maree (lecturer)

Prof Yolanda Jordaan, Head of the Department of Marketing Management, presented two information sessions which focussed on the structure of the degree, industry collaborations, job opportunities and the marketing profession in general. The feedback from these sessions were very positive and some attendees even stated that they will definitely be signing up for BCom Marketing Management in 2018   

One of the current BCom Marketing Management honours students, Daniella Rodrigues, described her experience of helping at the Department of Marketing Management’s information booth as rewarding, and further explained that “it was an amazing feeling to help people believe that it is possible to do what they like, even if it means getting out your comfort zone”.

From left to right: Monique van Staden and Daniella Rodrigues, BCom (Hons) Marketing Management students

Apart from the informative sessions, prospective students had the opportunity to tour the Hatfield Campus and explore university life. We thank all visitors and look forward to a very successful 2018 academic year.

Some of the Marketing team members on open day. From left to right: Corli du Toit (research assistant), Dr Michelle van der Merwe (lecturer), Prof Pierre Mostert (lecturer); Bianca Frost (lecturer), Monique van Staden (honours student), Thinkwell Ndlovo (lecturer), Dr Tania Maree (lecturer), Daniella Rodrigues (honours student), and Cassandra Mayer (honours student)

- Author Department of Marketing Management
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