Research Focus Areas


The research fields that the Department is currently active in include: new media, consumer-generated media, social media and networks, digital engagement, brand value growth, brand switching behaviour, marketing communication media, relationship marketing and relationship intention, services marketing, service failure and recovery, customer complaint behaviour, direct marketing, information privacy, consumer decision-making, and higher education marketing.
The Tourism Management Division has built up a strong reputation in research and through its collaboration with the academic, public and private sectors has a substantial research portfolio. The research focus of the Division is consolidated under the overriding theme of tourism competitiveness and destination development. The Division has distinguished itself in the academic environment in South Africa through its research on destination marketing, ecotourism, sports tourism, event management and travel incorporating the fields of air transport in tourism, business travel, tourism distribution and eTourism. 
The academic staff in the Department of Marketing Management is actively engaged in marketing research. Staff members pursue and achieve excellence in a wide range of research activities. Investment in innovative research has led to the publication of many academic papers, reports and books covering various marketing topics. Below are some excerpts from the research conducted by academic staff members.
Research Focus: Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives: Profit by non-financial motivators 
  How do cultures respond to online privacy?
Friendship networks and curriculum design
Do I want ads on my Facebook page?
Shoppers’ perceptions of malls
How do Tshwane consumers make shopping decisions?
Social networking behaviour of students
 What do academic research? A content analysis of ‘Management Dynamics’ 
How to market a funeral home? 
What irritates students in the shopping environment?
 Beauty and the beast: The realistic reflection of women in television commercials? 
 Does Generation Y believe in advertising?
 Do I like your online ad?
 Trends in Services Marketing Research
How do students select universities?
Does gender influence students higher education institution selection process? 
Motivating sales representatives: the importance of non-financial motivators
Who to trust: Examining trustworthiness of product review blogs
Getting young adults back to church: can marketing principles help?


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