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Prof Yolanda Jordaan
Head of Department
Qualifications:  BCom (Personnel Management)(UP), BCom (Hons)(UP),
MCom (UP), DCom (Marketing Management))(UP)
Research interests: Direct Marketing, Services Marketing, Information privacy
Mr Bonang Mohale
Honorary Professor
Prof Mike Ewing
Extraordinary Professor
Prof Robin Coulte
Extraordinary Professor
Prof Adré Schreuder
Extraordinary Professor
Jarkko Saarinen
Extraordinary Professor: Tourism Management Division 
Prof Pierre Mostert
Qualifications: DCom (Marketing Management), MCom (Marketing Management), BCom (Hons)(Marketing Management), BCom (Marketing Management)
Research Interests: Services Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Relationship Intention, Service Brand Avoidance
Prof Melanie Wiese
Associate Professor
Qualifications: BCom (Marketing)(UP), MTech (Marketing)(TUT),
PhD (Marketing)(UP)
Research interests: Consumer decision-making, Higher Education Marketing
Prof Felicite Fairer-Wessels
Associate Professor: Tourism Management Division
Qualifications: BBibl (Hons)(UP), MPhil (Univ of Wales), DPhil (UP)
Research interests: Attractions and Events, Ecotourism
Prof Anneli Douglas
Associate Professor: Tourism Management Division
Qualifications: BCom Cum laude, BCom (Hons) Cum laude, MCom Cum laude, DCom (UP)
Research interests: Corporate Travel, Tourism distribution, Incentive Travel
Dr Tania Maree
Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: DCom
Research interests: Marketing communication media, Social media and networks
Dr Tinashe Ndoro
Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: BCom (Industrial Psychology and Economics)(RU) BCom (Hons)(Industrial Psychology)(RU) MCom (Research Psychology)(RU) MBA(RU) PhD (Management)(RU)
Research interests: Consumer decision-making, Relationship marketing
+27(0)12 420 4039
Dr Liezl-Marié van der Westhuizen
Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: BCom (Communications Management(NWU), BCom (Hons)(Entrepreneurship and Marketing)(NWU), MCom (Marketing Management)(NWU), PhD (Marketing Management)(NWU)
Research Interests: Consumer psychology (the self in consumption), Services marketing, Relationship marketing
Recent Full Text Articles
+27(0)12 420 5049 
Dr Michelle van der Merwe
Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: BCom (Tourism)(UP), BCom (Hons)(Marketing)(UP),
MCom (Business Management)(UNISA), DCom (Marketing Management) (UP)
Research interests: Switching behaviour, Customer loyalty / retention,
Consumer trust
Dr Elizabeth du Preez
Senior Lecturer: Tourism Management Division
Qualifications: BCom Cum laude, HED, BCom (Hons)(UP) Cum laude, MCom (UP) Cum laude, DCom (UP)
Research interests: Destination marketing, Events Management, Sport Tourism
Dr Michael Humbani
Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: PhD (Marketing Management)(UP), MCom (Marketing Management), BCom (Hons)(Business Management) (Marketing specialisation), Graduate Diploma in Marketing (IMM)SA, Group Diploma in Marketing (LCCI)UK, Professional member (IMM)SA 
Research Interests: Mobile Marketing
Dr Tinashe Chuchu
Senior Lecturer
Qualifications:  PhD (Marketing)(WITS), MCom (Marketing)(Wits),
BCom (Hons)(Marketing) (WITS), BCom (Marketing Management)(MANCOSA)
Research interests: Destination Marketing, Consumer Behaviour
Recent Full Text Articles
+27(0)12 420 4440
[email protected]
Ms Danita Potgieter
Qualifications: MCom (Marketing)(UP)
Research Interests: Customer Engagement
Mr Thinkwell Ndhlovu
Qualifications: BCom (Business Management & Industrial Psychology) Cum laude(UFH), BCom (Hons)(Management) (Rhodes University),
MCom (Marketing) Cum laude (Rhodes University) 
Research interests: Services marketing & Branding
Ms Jade Verbeek
Qualifications: BCom (Marketing Management) Cum Laude, BCom  (Hons)(Marketing Management), MCom (Coursework)(Marketing Management) Cum Laude  
Research interests: Social media (privacy concerns and advertising)
Ms Bianca Frost
Qualifications: BCom (Communication Management) Cum Laude, BCom  (Hons)(Marketing Management) Cum Laude, MCom (Marketing Management) Cum Laude
Ms Laureane du Plessis
Part-time lecturer
Qualifications: MCom (Marketing Management) Cum Laude, BCom (Hons)(Marketing Management) Cum Laude, BCom (Tourism Management) Cum Laude
+27(0)12 420 4035
Ms Euodia Botha
Contract lecturer
Qualifications: BCom (Hons)(Marketing Management), BConsumer Science (Interior Merchandising and Retail Management) 
+27(0)12 420 3415

Ms Sotira Petrou
GfK Verein Programme Manager
Qualifications: BCom (Marketing Management), BCom  (Hons)(Marketing Management), MCom (Coursework)(Marketing Management)
Research interests: Marketing Intelligence
+27(0)12 420 6721
[email protected]
Ms Vuvu Ngculu
Departmental Administrator: Assistant to the HOD
+27(0)12 420 3004
Ms Phuti Matjea
Departmental Administrator
+27(0)12 420 5236
[email protected]
Ms Le-André Sheldon
Departmental Administrator
+27(0)12 420 2411
[email protected]

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