Prof Yolanda Jordaan
Head of Department
Qualifications:  BCom (Personnel Management)(UP), BCom (Hons)(UP),
MCom (UP), DCom (Marketing Management))(UP)
Research interests: Direct Marketing, Services Marketing, Information privacy
Prof Pierre Mostert
Qualifications: DCom (Marketing Management), MCom (Marketing Management), BCom (Hons)(Marketing Management), BCom (Marketing Management)
Research Interests: Services Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Relationship Intention, Service Brand Avoidance
Prof Melanie Wiese
Qualifications: BCom (Marketing)(UP), MTech (Marketing)(TUT),
PhD (Marketing)(UP)
Research interests: Consumer decision-making, Higher Education Marketing
Prof Felicite Fairer-Wessels
Associate Professor: Tourism Management Division
Qualifications: BBibl (Hons)(UP), MPhil (Univ of Wales), DPhil (UP)
Research interests: Ecotourism, Sustainable tourism development, Sustainable Development Goals 
Prof Anneli Douglas
Associate Professor: Tourism Management Division
Qualifications: BCom Cum laude, BCom (Hons) Cum laude, MCom Cum laude, DCom (UP)
Research interests: Business and Corporate Travel, eTourism
Prof Tania Maree
Associate Professor
Qualifications: DCom
Research interests: Marketing communication media, Social media and networks, Consumer behaviour on social media
Mr Bonang Mohale
Honorary Professor
Prof Mike Ewing
Extraordinary Professor
Prof Robin Coulter
Extraordinary Professor

Prof Adré Schreuder
Extraordinary Professor
Jarkko Saarinen
Extraordinary Professor: Tourism Management Division 
Dr Tinashe Chuchu
Senior Lecturer
Qualifications:  PhD (Marketing)(WITS), MCom (Marketing)(Wits),
BCom (Hons)(Marketing) (WITS), BCom (Marketing Management)(MANCOSA)
Research interests: Consumer behaviour, Tourism
Dr Elizabeth du Preez
Senior Lecturer: Tourism Management Division
Qualifications: BCom Cum laude, HED, BCom (Hons)(UP) Cum laude, MCom (UP) Cum laude, DCom (UP)
Research interests: Destination Marketing, Tourist Behaviour, Sports Tourism, Pro-environmental Behaviour
Dr Michael Humbani
Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: PhD (Marketing Management)(UP), MCom (Marketing Management), BCom (Hons)(Business Management) (Marketing specialisation), Graduate Diploma in Marketing (IMM)SA, Group Diploma in Marketing (LCCI)UK, Professional member (IMM)SA 
Research Interests: Mobile Marketing
Dr Tinashe Ndoro
Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: BCom (Industrial Psychology and Economics)(RU) BCom (Hons)(Industrial Psychology)(RU) MCom (Research Psychology)(RU) MBA(RU) PhD (Management)(RU)
Research interests: Consumer decision-making, Relationship marketing, Consumer Behaviour
+27(0)12 420 4039
Dr Michelle van der Merwe
Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: BCom (Tourism)(UP), BCom (Hons)(Marketing)(UP),
MCom (Business Management)(UNISA), DCom (Marketing Management) (UP)
Research interests: Services marketing, Relationship marketing, Customer satisfaction, Switching behaviour
Dr Liezl-Marié van der Westhuizen
Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: BCom (Communications Management(NWU), BCom (Hons)(Entrepreneurship and Marketing)(NWU), MCom (Marketing Management)(NWU), PhD (Marketing Management)(NWU)
Research Interests: The self in consumption, Services marketing, Relationship marketing
Recent Full Text Articles
+27(0)12 420 5049 
Dr Danita van Heerden
Qualifications: Qualifications:BCom (Tourism)(UP), BCom (Hons)(Marketing)(UP), MCom (Marketing Management)(UP),PhD (Marketing Management)(UP)
Research Interests: Customer Engagement
Mr Thinkwell Ndhlovu
Qualifications: BCom (Business Management & Industrial Psychology) Cum laude(UFH), BCom (Hons)(Management) (Rhodes University),
MCom (Marketing) Cum laude (Rhodes University) 
Research interests: Consumer engagement / Consumer brand engagement, Service marketing, Branding, Relationship Marketing
Ms Jade Verbeek
Qualifications: BCom (Marketing Management) Cum Laude, BCom  (Hons)(Marketing Management), MCom (Coursework)(Marketing Management) Cum Laude  
Research interests: Social media (privacy concerns and advertising)
Branding (brand spokes-characters and brand anthropomorphism)
Ms Bianca Frost
Qualifications: BCom (Communication Management) Cum Laude, BCom  (Hons)(Marketing Management) Cum Laude, MCom (Marketing Management) Cum Laude
Ms Sotira Petrou
Programme Manager: Prosumer Decision Lab in cooperation with NIM Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions
and Lecturer: Department of Marketing Management    
Qualifications: BCom (Marketing Management), BCom  (Hons)(Marketing Management), MCom (Coursework)(Marketing Management)
Research interests: Marketing Intelligence, Experimental Research  
+27(0)12 420 6721
[email protected]
Ms Euodia Botha
Contract lecturer
Qualifications: BConsumer Science (Interior Merchandising and Retail Management), BCom (Hons)(Marketing Management)(Cum Laude),  MCom (Marketing Management)
+27(0)12 420 3004

Ms Koketso Sithole
SETA Intern: Assistant Lecturer
Qualifications: BCom Marketing Management (UP), BComHons Communication Management (UP)
+27(0)12 420 3004


Ms Vuvu Ngculu
Departmental Administrator: Assistant to the HOD
+27(0)12 420 3004

Ms Phuti Tshivhase
Departmental Administrator
+27(0)12 420 5236
[email protected]
Ms Le-André Sheldon
Departmental Administrator
+27(0)12 420 2411
[email protected]
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