Ready for Work

In order to get you Ready for Work, we offer a range of services and courses for skills development. We provide career advice and planning, and will advise you regarding your employability and which skills you still need to add to your CV in order to find that dream job.

Succeeding in a workforce that is constantly changing due to COVID-19, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Artificial Intelligence, requires a career plan. Employers want to attract, hire, and retain employees who provide the best value. The change in employer’s expectations means that you need more than a degree. This has initiated a renewed focus on work-readiness, and at Career Services, we don’t want you to get left behind. We will help you to become more employable and create a strategy for marketing your value in the workplace.

Career Services, in collaboration with Enterprises UP offers a variety of online courses to assist with the transition from university to work. If done correctly, your job search can result in a first job that is compatible with your skills and interests and, hopefully, one that provides a satisfying start to your career. Our Ready for Work programme is specifically designed for UP students and graduates to acquire the skills and attributes needed to fit in more easily into the world of work.

These resources/quicklinks in the table on the right will guide you as to how you choose a career, create a career plan, select potential employers most beneficial to your overall career plan, and engage in activities that will enhance your CV.

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