Access Cards

Student / staff cards provide access to the campus and various labs and buildings on campus. Keep your card with you at all times. It must be presented upon request and during examinations and tests.


The Student Service Centre issues student cards and you may collect your access card 24 hours after registration until the date on which lectures commence. No student cards will be issued without proof of identification (ID, passport or driver’s licence). 

The first student card is issued free of charge. In the event of loss or damage, you may apply for a duplicate card at the Student Service Centre at a cost of R120. 


As soon as a new staff member’s appointment becomes official and the person’s record is active on the UP system, they can collect their new personnel card at the SSC. An ID document will be required to collect the new card.

The first personnel card is issued free of charge. In the event of loss or damage, you may apply for a new card at the Student Service Centre at a cost of R120. 


Chauffeur and Pedestrian cards

The following form have to be completed for application for a chauffer card and sent to [email protected].  Currently no pedestrian cards are being issued until further notice.

Chauffeur card

Contractors and Visitors - Permission Manager

Applications for access for external persons/contractor etc. must be captured on the UP Portal on Permission Manager.

Permission Manager enables users, who are nominated by the relevant Dean or Director to manage the access rights of external users for their departments, to fulfil that responsibility. The identified users will also be able to apply for special access rights that a person needs for a specified time, during campus closures. Only users with the correct privileges are allowed to manage these access rights.

Some of the affiliation categories available are:

  • Persons appointed on a claims basis;
  • Guests from another academic institution who need access to campus for some form of academic involvement like research, tests or examinations – Academic visitors;
  • A sponsored guest who is engaged for his professional service to the university. The service delivering may be specified in a formal written contract agreement or less formal verbal service agreement. The service may be paid or not paid for – Consultant contractors;
  • A sponsored guest who is an employee of a Contractor Company with which the university has a service delivery agreement or a project contract agreement – Contractors;
  • A person who had been a UP Personnel member and then retired, but still perform duties of some nature at the Faculty and Department and for that reason needs access to the library – Pensioners.
  • Access cards for contractors and visitors are issued at a cost of R120-00 at the Student Service Centre.  No cards will be provided without proof of identification and payment.  A prior arrangement with the Student Service Centre is required before costs of contractor's cards can be invoiced.

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