Forms / Request to change information

  1. Application to enrol concurrently for two Academic Programmes/Plans
  2. Application for Concurrent Enrolment at two Universities
  3. Application for a Remark of Examination scripts
  4. Application to Change from one Faculty/Academic Program/Plan to another
  5. Application for Admission to a Special Examination - Application process for special exams
  6. Application for Credit of Courses (Transfer Credits)
  7. Application for Exemption from attendance of Lectures/Practicals
  8. Examination Timetable Clashes
  9. Change of Courses
  10. Application for Chancellor’s Examination(s) in the beginning of the next academic year (EMS)
  11. Memorandum of Agreement for Academic Supervision of Postgraduate Students
  12. Late submission of soft-bound copies for examiniation
  13. Payment arrangement for outstanding tuition and accommodation fees
  14. Application for special examination January - NAS
  15. Application for special examination January - Law
  16. Application for special examination December - Theology
  17. Application for special examination  - Education
  18. Application for special examination - EBIT
  19. Application for waiving of prerequisites - EMS
  20. Application for special examination January - Theology
  21. Application for extenssion of study period - MSc PHD - Application Process
  22. LLM / MPhil coursework Approval of supervisor / co-supervisor and title of mini-dissertation
  23. Declaration of acceptance of the research proposal (LAW Postgraduate)
  24. Memo-of-agreement (LAW Postgraduate)
  25. Declaration of originality  for a research output (LAW Postgraduate)
  26. Change of title of research output (LAW Postgraduate)
  27. Intention to submit a research output  for examination purposes (LAW Postgraduate)
  28. Submission form for research output (LAW Postgraduate)
  29. Change of supervisor_co-supervisor for research output (LAW Postgraduate)
  30. Late registration (LAW Postgraduate)


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