Make Today Matter – the UP Way

Posted on December 21, 2023

The BCom Honours (Marketing Management) Class of 2023 was presented with a rather unusual assignment by the Department of Institutional Advancement (DIA) at the University of Pretoria (UP). The DIA is responsible for the overall management of UP’s strategic marketing, advertising, and branding, and for all the official, corporate events hosted by UP. The DIA also manages UP’s official communications channels, keeps in contact with alumni, is involved in fundraising, and communicates UP’s research to the public via various channels.
The DIA approached the honours students, hoping to draw inspiration from the creative young minds in the Marketing Management honours class, to develop an actionable integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaign targeted at students, aimed at aligning UP’s ethos-driven initiative (THE UP WAY) with UP’s corporate brand line (Make today matter). The project briefing was conducted by DIA representatives who later served on the evaluation panel: Isabel de Necker (Senior Marketing Manager), Liesel Swart (Marketing and Media Relations), Petronella Khwane (Brand Specialist), Shakira Hoosain (Campaign Strategy and Senior Writer), and Duané Kitching (Marketing and Communication Intern).
After the briefing, the Marketing honours students soon realised that this was a unique and complicated challenge, but nonetheless approached the assignment with much enthusiasm. During the client presentations, the 10 teams showcased their knowledge by creatively presenting their recommendations to solve the various challenges faced by the DIA. As part of the learning opportunity, the Marketing of Services lecturer, Dr Michelle C. van der Merwe, offered practical feedback regarding presentation skills, PowerPoint slide design and successful campaign tips.

Although all student teams provided valuable insights and recommendations for the DIA to implement in the future, the Red Chilli Peppers were chosen as the winning team. All in all, the DIA was very impressed with all the presentations and praised the teams for their innovative and actionable ideas.

Well done to every team – you made your class, lecturer, and the University proud!

Winning team: Red Chilli Peppers. Back row, from left: Logan Brink, Duané Kitching, Petronella Khwane, Liesel Swart, Isabel de Necker, Shakira Hoosain and Anij Nagar. Front row, from left to right: Nadine van der Merwe (team leader), Francél van Dyk and Nielia Blignaut


Second-placed team: Pulse Marketing. Back row, from left: Duané Kitching, Petronella Khwane, Liesel Swart, Isabel de Necker and Shakira Hoosain. Front row: Monica Martins, Jenna Frazer, Tamaryn Haefele, Dané Barnard (team leader) and Taha Tayob Absent: Bradleigh Benson


Third-placed team: Fusion Marketing. Back row, from left: Duané Kitching, Petronella Khwane, Liesel Swart, Isabel de Necker and Shakira Hoosain. Front row: Tamara Rungasamy, Christelle Wehmeyer, Helena Coetzee, Wanya Visagie (team leader), Anike van Vuuren and Nastascia Montepara

- Author Department of Marketing Management

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