Marketing students share their job success thanks to the UP honours programme

Posted on February 08, 2022

As we begin an exciting 2022, we are proud to reflect on the successes of our honours Class of 2021. Below are exciting success stories from three Marketing Management honours students that landed their dream job.

Gretha le Roux 

“As a student and recent graduate, I think we can all relate to the stress of having to go into the “big world” and find a job after completing your studies. I initially thought I’d focus on completing my degree and would delay my job search until the end of 2021.  But to my surprise, I was invited to an interview by a guest speaker from Tradeway, and received a job offer a few days later!
I got the job based on the skills and knowledge that I acquired during my Marketing Management honours year. My skills set now includes research, industry client presentation skills, and the ability to work in a team. Not only did I hear about a potential job placement through the programme, but without the UP Marketing Management honours programme I would never have had the foundation to be confident enough to do the creative and strategic thinking I do in my new job.
What stood out for me in the programme was how much of the year was application-based instead of theory-based. I truly believe that the application and client-based approach has given us a wonderful head-start in the world of work. No other programme could fully prepare us in the same way that our lecturers and the programme itself prepared us.
On a personal note, I would like to extend the biggest thank you to our honours lecturers. The knowledge and skills you taught us are invaluable. The support and encouragement you showed us, and myself specifically, is one of the things I will never forget. I will be forever grateful for the effort and time you put in to guide and mould us."
~Gretha le Roux


Kate de Wet

“Although I am extremely happy to have finally completed my honours in Marketing Management at the University of Pretoria, I am so grateful for the experiences and opportunities that came with it and I would do it 1 000 times over (and recommend it 1 000 times over). Coming into this course, I never realised how practical and up-to-date the syllabus was.
The modules and the lecturers focused on relevant and interesting topics that I have actively used to grow my own social media agency throughout the year AND land a dream job halfway through the year. I started KDW Media, a social media boutique focusing on uplifting small businesses in South Africa in the middle of 2020, and have seen amazing growth in 2021. My honours degree connected me with like-minded people that helped me expand this concept and grow the company.

I believe that this degree has greatly enhanced my presentation skills, grown my network, taught me practical skills within the digital marketing space, and has given me a unique outlook on the marketing industry as I enter the working world. Thank you to all my passionate lecturers and fellow students, it has been a great journey.”
~Kate de Wet


Daniel Skirrow

“Two of my favourite aspects of this honours programme were our client challenges and the opportunities given to us to choose our own discussion topics. The UP Marketing Management honours programme certainly gives students the upper hand when it comes to presenting strategies to external clients – a great advantage when joining the workforce. I feel that this aspect of the degree prepared me for the workplace and helped me bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical experience.
Secondly, the br eadth of topics covered in the Marketing Management honours programme reaffirms why I chose to study at UP. The course exposed us to various industries – allowing us to gauge which one could be a potential avenue for our careers. For tasks that allowed us to choose our topics, I often leaned towards big data, the fifth industrial revolution and fintech. I am pleased to say that I recently began my first full-time job at a fintech company in Johannesburg and I enjoy seeing how the knowledge gained at work and in the degree complement one another.
This honours programme benefited me in multiple ways, but notably allowed me to gain valuable practical experience and insight into various industries.”
~Daniel Skirrow
Published by Nonkululeko Kubeka Moyo

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