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Posted on December 03, 2019

What better way to end off a practical project than with a celebration of achievements! Sponsored by manufacturer of cosmetics, toiletries, hair products, pharmaceuticals and skin care products Amka, second-year Marketing Management students were treated to a prize-giving function on 13 November 2019 as a way to congratulate and thank them for all the hard work that went into the UP-Playboy/Playgirl deodorant project.
After a long three-hour exam paper, students arrived in their masses, excited to enjoy some refreshments, but even more excited to hear who the overall winners of the UP-Playboy/Playgirl deodorant practical project for 2019 are. The event was attended by Prof Yolanda Jordaan, HOD of the Department of Marketing Management; two representatives from Amka, Mr Jack Kruger (Marketing Manager of Fragrance) and Mr Zaweer Ebrahim (Assistant Brand Manager on the Playboy and Playgirl deodorant brands), as well as the second-year Marketing Management lecturer Ms Laureane du Plessis.
The programme kicked off by welcoming all the guests attending the function, after which a customised game of Yunomi – the how-well-do-we-know-each-other game – was played to get to know the faces behind the Amka, Playboy/Playgirl deodorant. This was followed by a few words of encouragement and appreciation from Prof Yolanda Jordaan for the hard work that the students put in, as well as for the commitment and dedication from the Amka team. Mr Jack Kruger shared a few motivational thoughts with the students and congratulated them on the professional way they approached this project. Mr Zaweer Ebrahim, having been a second-year student only three years ago, gave a few inspirational words by quoting Denzel Washington, “ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship”, emphasising the importance of working hard, putting in the effort and being dedicated. After the speeches, it was time to sit back and reflect over a semester gone by, reminiscing and looking back at photos from the very first class, right up to the end as the project concluded with exam presentations.
The time finally arrived to announce the winners of the UP-Playboy/Playgirl deodorant project for 2019. A few fun “silly” prizes were awarded to specific students who made lasting impressions during lectures throughout the semester, for example the “Best-way-to-make-an-entrance” award, the “Listening-with-your-eyes-closed” award, the “Biggest lunchbox” award, and the “Pushing-the-7-minute-late-come-rule-to-the-max” award. Students enjoyed the “silly” prizes and had quite a laugh as they too could spot the winners of these prizes. The next two categories of prize-winners received Playboy/Playgirl deodorant hampers for the best exam presentation, awarded to The Six Marketing Geniuses (SMG) team, and for the boldest idea, presented to The Pimps.
Congratulations to The Pimps for winning the boldest idea award. From left to right: Leah Kaluba, Melanie Njoroge, Henrietta Amofa, Kival Dhavraj, and Stephanie Rushein
It was a very challenging task selecting the overall winners of the UP-Playboy/Playgirl project for 2019, as the competition was extremely strong. In the end, the exam presentation mark, the exam assignment mark (written document), as well as the client’s top teams based on exam presentations were taken into consideration in selecting the overall project winners. The prizes were awarded as follows. The third place was awarded to The Six Marketeers team, with each student receiving a cash prize of R350. The second place went to The Funky Bunnies team and each student received a cash prize of R500. A cash prize of R700 per student was awarded to the first-place winners, The Playboy Hunnies. After the winners were announced, students had the opportunity to share their experiences of the project and say a few words of thanks from their side to Amka and the Department of Marketing Management. This concluded the prize-giving event and all that was left was enjoying the refreshments and networking with each other.
Congratulations to The Playboy Hunnies for being the overall prize-winners. From left to right: Laureane du Plessis (lecturer), Mr Jack Kruger (Amka: Marketing Manager for Fragrance), Tia Madzibane, Kelebogile Letswalo, Is’phile Khumalo, Angela-Grace Mbokota, S’ithelo Mthethwa, and Zaweer Ebrahim (Amka: Assistant Brand Manager for Playboy/Playgirl)
At the end of a practical project, it is time to look back and reflect on what went wrong, what went well and how can we improve going forward. With a dedicated industry partner, enthusiastic students, and a supportive Department of Marketing Management, the second-year practical projects can only grow from strength to strength in the years to come. Thank you Amka for the opportunity to work on the Playboy/Playgirl deodorant brands, thank you for the opportunity to allow our students to learn and grow and thank you for being a dedicated and committed client. It was a privilege for the Department of Marketing Management to work with the Playboy/Playgirl deodorant team.          
Class of 2019
- Author Department of Marketing Management
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