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Posted on August 27, 2019

The Department of Marketing Management and Playboy/Playgirl deodorant brands have partnered for the second-year Marketing Management Practical Project for 2019. Working with actual brands on real-life challenges present students with the ideal opportunity to put their knowledge and understanding of theory into practice. Recognising the valuable learning experience involved in such a practical project, the Playboy/Playgirl deodorant brands present students with the challenge of increasing awareness and market share of the two brands, targeted at 18 to 25-year-old consumers, through the means of a digital and experiential in-store sales promotion campaign.
The project kicked off in July with interactive class games and the creation of visual collages, followed by an introduction to the Playboy and Playgirl deodorant brands during a presentation by the brand manager, Mr Matthew Dees. Mr Dees shared the floor with a colleague and Tuks alumnus, Mr Jack Kruger, who is the marketing manager for fragrances at Amka. Mr Kruger explained how the Playboy and Playgirl deodorant brands fit into the fragrance division of Amka, and provided a few words of advice on how to approach a practical project like this.
Mr Dees gave an overview of the two deodorant brands, Playboy and Playgirl, by explaining how it is positioned, who the biggest competitors are, who the customers are, and some of the challenges the brands are facing. He also shared some of the brands’ previous marketing communication campaigns and advertisements. The students enjoyed Mr Dees’ presentation and asked several insightful and challenging questions.
In addition to learning about the brands, students had the privilege of experiencing the brand firsthand. Four students had to put their sniffing skills to the test by participating in a blindfolded smell test to determine how well they know their Playboy and Playgirl deodorant fragrances. Adding to the excitement, each student received a complimentary Playboy or Playgirl body spray, thereby literally getting the brand in their hand, thus allowing them to familiarise themselves with the product.
The UP-Playboy/Playgirl Marketing Communication Project promises to be an exciting journey filled with fun and games, but most of all learning. By the end of this project, students will walk away knowing a bit more about real-life brands, facing real-life challenges, and how to create solutions to capitalise on the opportunities presented in the marketplace.          
Students participating in the blindfolded smell test
From left to right: Franco van Zyl, Anastasia Davydova (only arm visible) and Chris Nair
Each student received a Playboy or Playgirl product to build some excitement
From left to right: Leah Kabula, Stephnie Rushein and Melanie Njoroge
- Author Department of Marketing Management
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