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Marketing Management students deliver Supa Quick results
7 August 2018
“Good luck guys, your presentation will be great!” This was the sound of BEM 356 students encouraging each other before presenting the first deliverable of their third-year marketing project to a panel of representatives from Bridgestone and Supa Quick. Fuelled by adrenaline and nerves, the enthusiasm was contagious.
This is the first of three deliverables of the practical project that the third-year Marketing Management students are doing in partnership with Bridgestone. For a third consecutive year, the Department of Marketing Management and Bridgestone have come together in providing the final-year Marketing Management students with a hands-on learning experience. With the focus on Supa Quick, the aim of the project this year is to investigate consumers’ perceptions of tyre fitment centres in Gauteng, and based on this insight, develop a brand communication plan to increase the awareness of Supa Quick fitment centres.
The project is divided into three deliverables. The purpose of the first deliverable was to obtain a better understanding of tyre consumers’ perceptions of tyre fitment centres by gathering data, using an online questionnaire. The data gathered was carefully analysed to acquire a better understanding of tyre consumers’ purchasing behaviour and perceptions of tyre fitment centres, and more specifically their perceptions of Supa Quick. Utilising the data at hand, students identified Supa Quick’s main competitors, possible market segments that Supa Quick can target, and Supa Quick’s value proposition.
In completing the first deliverable, students were required to submit a written report and present their findings to Supa Quick on 22 May 2018. The presentations were conducted in two sessions, with seven groups presenting during each session. Representatives from Supa Quick and Bridgestone, as well as the BEM 356 lecturers, listened attentively to the student teams as they shared their knowledge and ideas. Well-dressed and well-prepared, the students impressed the panel with presentations that were creative, innovative and professionally done. What was interesting to see was how the different student teams used different approaches in presenting the same information. The feedback from Supa Quick and Bridgestone’s representatives were positive, constructive and encouraging, and they gave valuable advice for students to use going forward.
The first deliverable’s presentations ended on a high note and served as a good learning curve for the students. It has set very high standards for future presentations to come. The representatives from Bridgestone and Supa Quick, as well as the BEM 356 lecturers, are intrigued to see how the students capitalise on the research insights gained from this deliverable.
Team Supa Crew in action during Deliverable 1 presentations
From left to right: Carmen Noeth, Jacqueline Voges, Heinrich Roux, Marku Gouws, Jancke Martins and Lawrence Brittain
This occasion on 22 May was also used to announce the winners of the Supa Quick social media dispersion task. Early in the project, the students were supplied with several Supa Quick-related images and were tasked to select one image, develop a tag line and share it on their Facebook and Instagram profiles and obtain as many shares and likes as possible, within a 24-hour period. This activity challenged students to think like marketers and how best to use social media to generate spontaneous support for your brand. In the end, the most likes and shares were tallied, and the top two teams were awarded Supa Quick-branded bags as prizes. Team Umlilo came first, with a total of 634 likes and shares, while Supa 6 came in second place, with a total of 337 likes and shares.
Team Umlilo, with representatives from Bridgestone and Supa Quick, winning the Supa Quick social media dispersion task
Back, from left to right: Nthabiseng Mogane (Bridgestone), Shazmeen Tayob, Jessica Storey, Amber Tidbury, Kelly Fester (Bridgestone), Desirée van Niekerk (Bridgestone) and Dr Gerhard Heyns (Bridgestone)
Front, from left to right: Wayne Wilson, Riëtte Grobler and Melissa Mushonga
Supa 6, with representatives from Bridgestone and Supa Quick, achieving second place in the social media dispersion task    
Back, from left to right: Daniella Christie, Atari Middleton, Desirée van Niekerk (Bridgestone), Valentim Pereira, Kelly Fester (Bridgestone) and Dr Gerhard Heyns (Bridgestone)
Front, from left to right: Charlene Eksteen, Belinda Cant, Savannah Hristov and Nthabiseng Mogane (Bridgestone)
With the first half of the project done and dusted, Bridgestone, Supa Quick and the lecturers are impressed with what the students have done thus far and are looking forward to seeing what is yet to come.
Written by: Jancke Martins (team leader of team Supa Crew)
- Author Marketing Management
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