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Marketing Management celebrates achievements at the EMS Faculty Awards
16 July 2018
On Wednesday evening, 6 June 2018, the annual EMS Faculty Awards Function was hosted to honour and celebrate the research and teaching achievements of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences’ staff members.
The Tourism Management Division received the prize for the best research team for 2017, based on their improved research performance. The Tourism Management Division, with a cohort of only four academic staff, delivered seven accredited articles in highly rated journals, two of which being in the top-ranked international journals in the field of tourism management. Articles covered a wide range of topics, such as the impact of rhino poaching on tourist experiences and future visitation to national parks in South Africa; profiling business travellers who use mobile travel applications; a skills development framework for sports tourism in South Africa; a new model and future directions for educational tourism; and international educational tourism and the question of global learning.
The Division also generated substantial research funding and were able to provide bursaries for a number of postgraduate students in the field of tourism. The year 2017 also saw an increase in registrations for the master’s and doctoral programmes presented by the Division. The Division has consistently delivered PhDs and master’s graduates in Tourism Management and in 2017 one highly commended PhD, and two research master’s degrees, one of which was achieved cum laude, were conferred. One of the 2017 PhD students, Dr McGladdery, was also one of the nominees for the best PhD in 2017 under the supervision of Prof Lubbe.
Tourism Team
Prof Melanie Wiese was awarded the 2017 Best Senior Researcher Award for Management Sciences by the Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Management sciences, Prof Elsabé Loots. She shared this prize with Prof Deon Meiring from Human Resource Management. Prof Wiese’s 2017 publications explored topical research areas, including social media and consumer behaviour. Prof Wiese published four articles in 2017, of which two were published in Scopus. The publications were a result of projects with colleagues in the Department of Marketing Management, as well as an international collaboration with co-authors from Australia, Chile and Spain.
Prof Wiese
Mr Thinkwell Ndhlovu was runner-up for the prize acknowledging first research publications in 2017. His publication was co-authored with Prof Yolanda Jordaan and titled  ‘The role of demographics and Facebook activities in users’ concerns about online privacy’.
Mr Ndhlovu
Congratulations to all the nominees from the Department. These include Dr Tania Maree and Dr Elizabeth Kruger (category: Junior researcher in Management Sciences for 2017), Prof Lubbe with her PhD student, Dr McGladdery (category: Best PhD thesis in 2017), and Prof Jordaan (category: Senior researcher in Management Sciences for 2017).
Danita Potgieter
Ms Danita Potgieter received a VC’s Academic Development grant to allow her to focus solely on her PhD studies for a year, starting from 1 July 2018. Her research focuses on exploring online engagement from a behavioural perspective within Facebook-brand communities. Good luck to both Ms Potgieter and her study supervisor, Prof Melanie Wiese, in advancing with the thesis.
Once again, congratulations to everyone. The Department of Marketing Management is extremely proud of the staff’s outstanding achievements and look forward to many more awards!
- Author Marketing Management
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