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Marketing students proudly serving Hatfield
14 June 2018
The Marketing Management honours students were tasked to create awareness among UP students about the Hatfield City Improvement District (Hatfield CID) and the services it offers.
The collaborative opportunity consisted of three phases. Students had to complete a scavenger hunt in teams of five in the Hatfield area to familiarise themselves with the Hatfield CID and the services it offers. As part of the scavenger hunt, students had to talk to the security personnel and assist the Hatfield CID cleaners, to get some insights into their typical day and the challenges they face.
Student team interacting with a Hatfield CID cleaner
During phase two, student teams had to conduct research on campus to determine UP students’ awareness and their general perceptions of the Hatfield CID.
Based on the insights from phase one and two, student had to design an awareness campaign targeting UP students to ensure that students are more aware of the Hatfield CID and its services, as well as to educate students with some ‘street-smart’ ideas. Teams presented their campaigns to an expert panel on 9 May 2018. The judging panel included Prof Denver Hendricks (UP’s Manager of Government Relations and Special Projects), Mr Lucas Luckhoff (CEO of the Hatfield CID), Mr Danie Basson (CFO of the Hatfield CID), and three lecturers from the Department of Marketing Management.
Student teams not only chose creative team names, such as ‘Street Slickers’, ‘Explorers’, and ‘Watchdogs’,but also brought their ideas to life with posters, videos and photos.
Flyers, stickers, ClickUP banners, posters, painting the graffiti wall, competitions, a fun run, green route upgrade, Perdeby advertisements, improved signage, improved uniforms for the Hatfield CID employers to make them more visible, and self-defence demonstrations at the various residences were just some of the ideas that students suggested.
Teams offered several street-smart ideas to help educate students to stay safe, such as ‘Stash it, don’t flash it’, ‘walk tight at night’, and ‘walk in a pack and avoid attack’, as well as to encourage students to stop littering, with ‘litter makes the earth bitter’ and ‘slam dunk our junk’.
The panel of judges was very impressed by the creative, yet well thought through suggestions of the students. The top three groups that really impressed the judges included team Power House, who received R1 000 for their third place; the Street Slickers, who won R2 000 for coming second; and Watchdogs, who received R3 000 for their brilliant presentation on the safety sprint.
Prizes were presented to the groups by Prof Hendricks, who expressed his gratitude for all the hard work and professional presentations of the students. He commented that the student presentations exceeded their expectations and that each of the twelve groups had a unique idea or suggestion that the Hatfield CID could use.
Third place: Team Powerhouse, whose heart beats proudly for serving Hatfield
Second place: Street Slickers impressed the panel with their clean-up day community project
Winners: Watchdogs, with their safety-sprint suggestion
The Hatfield CID’s representatives were so impressed with the hard work and creativity that was evident in each presentation, that they decided to reward each group with a R500 prize as a token of their appreciation.
Nina Jordaan, one of the honours students, presented the Hatfield CID representatives with a small gift on behalf of the Department. She thanked them for providing students with the opportunity to get to know the Hatfield CID. Nina also thanked them for how they serve Hatfield in making it a safer and better place for all.
To read more about the Hatfield CID and how they are ‘Proudly Serving Hatfield’, visit
- Author Marketing Management
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