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To all the alumni please make sure that you join the facebook group!!


Follow us on @housemags


Please ensure that we have your contact details to inform you of all the special things we have planned for the year! Follow the instructions below or send us an email at [email protected].



If you would like to hear from us on a regular basis (we have an electronic newsletter every 4 months) or join in future festival activities, but are not registered as part of the Mags Sisterhood (if you have not received newsletters you are probably not registered or on our database or we may not have your latest contact details) then feel free to email us at housemag[email protected]. We would love to hear from all the Mags ladies, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Alumni can ensure that we have their latest details on our database, and receive our Alumni GrietGriet newsletter, by completing one of the following options:

Option 1: Download the Alumni form from this web page by clicking on this Alumni form link. Complete the form and return per email ([email protected]).

Option 2: Send an email to [email protected] and request the Alumni form. Once you have received the form via email, please complete it and return per email ([email protected]).

Option 3: Join the Mags Alumni facebook group. Follow these easy steps:

  • Go to and complete your personal details with password and click on the green 'sign up' button.
  • Follow the security check instructions and click on the green 'sign up' button again.
  • You will then receive an email that explains how to complete the facebook registration process. Click on the link in your email to take you to the facebook web page.
  • On the facebook web page, click on "applications" (probably on the bottom left corner of the screen) and then click on "groups".
  • Now type "Magrietjie Alumni" in the "search for groups" box and click on "join group". 
  • On the welcome page you will find the Alumni form which you can copy and paste into MS Word after which you can complete it and return per email ([email protected]).
  • Alternatively you can post your personal details (according to the alumni form) on the 'discussion board' where we will extract it to our database.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please go follow our Instagram page @housemags


A Mags Alumni newsletter (GrietGriet) is distributed via email to all Mags Alumni every 4 months. If you have not received one yet, please follow the procedures outlined above. Once you are included in our database, we can add you to our distribution list.


GrietGriet Nov 2008 (English copy) / GrietGriet Nov 2008 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Mar 2009 (English copy) / GrietGriet Mar 2009 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Jul 2009 (English copy) / GrietGriet Jul 2009 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Nov 2009 (English copy) / GrietGriet Nov 2009 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Mar 2010 (English copy) / GrietGriet Mar 2010 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Jul 2010 (English copy) / GrietGriet Jul 2010 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Nov 2010 (English copy)GrietGriet Nov 2010 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Mar 2011 (English copy) / GrietGriet Mar 2011 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Nov 2011 (English copy) / GrietGriet Nov 2011 (Afrikaanse kopie)
GrietGriet Apr 2012 (English copy) / GrietGriet Apr 2012 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Jul 2012 (English copy) / GrietGriet Jul 2012 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Nov 2012 (English copy) / GrietGriet Nov 2012 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Apr 2013 (English copy) / GrietGriet Apr 2013 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Jul 2013 (English copy) / GrietGriet Jul 2013 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Nov 2013 (English copy) / GrietGriet Nov 2013 (Afrikaans kopie) 

GrietGriet Apr 2014 (English copy) / GrietGriet Apr 2014 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Aug 2014 (English copy) / GrietGriet Aug 2014 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Nov 2014 (English copy) / GrietGriet Nov 2014 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet May 2015 (English copy) / GrietGriet Mei 2015 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Jul 2015 (English copy) / GrietGriet Jul 2015 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Nov 2015 (English copy) / GrietGriet Nov 2015 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Apr 2016 (English copy) / GrietGriet Apr 2016 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Aug 2016 (English copy) / GrietGriet Aug 2016 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Dec 2016 (English copy) / GrietGriet Dec 2016 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Jun 2017 (English copy) / GrietGriet Jun 2017 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Aug 2017 (English copy) / GrietGriet Aug 2017 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Mar 2018 (English copy) / GrietGriet Mar 2018 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Jul 2018 (English copy) / GrietGriet Jul 2018 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Nov 2018 (English copy) / GrietGriet Nov 2018 (Afrikaans kopie)

GrietGriet Mar 2019 (English copy) / GrietGriet Mar 2019 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet Aug 2019 (English copy) / GrietGriet Aug 2019 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet  Dec 2019 (English copy) / GrietGriet Des 2019 (Afrikaanse kopie)

GrietGriet May 2021 (English copy)

Published by Yolanda Jordaan

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