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At Mags we participate actively and enthusiastically in all the res-sport TUKS has to offer. We partake in numerous campus leagues such as netball, hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, first year athletics, badminton, Kaskar and Chairchase as well as tennis, swimming and even touch rugby. We have been in the finals for all the top leagues. We are also known for our netball as we have been league winners the last couple of years. Mags is always a force to be reckoned with on the sports field, always competing to the best of our ability as well as consistently producing excellent results.

Sport allows Mags ladies to form special bonds that extend further than just a “hello” in the hallway. Sport brings out character and unifies the residence in ways that few other activities can. Not only is Mags a fantastic sporting res, but we are also known for our special brand of pink spirit that is so unique to Mags ladies.  Sport is meant to be fun, and at Mags that is our main goal...and if we happen to win, all the better! In the past years we have achieved great results in all of the major sporting codes, and hope to keep going from strength to strength in the years to come.

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