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Mags’ culture is synonymous with excellence, greatness and most of all – FUN!!  This is where everyone has a chance to experience pink passion! During the year there are ample opportunities to showcase those unique talents within you - be it dancing, singing or letting your voice be heard as part of the debate team.  There’s something for everyone!  

Below is a description of our main culture activities:


The year kicks off with our new Spikkels introducing themselves to the Tuks family through InSync.  This is a first-year dancing event that takes place at the end of welcome week and is the perfect opportunity to mingle with your fellow-Spikkels while having fun.

Step it UP

This sassy event is for everyone in the house and entails a month-long dancing and singing practice, building up to an unforgettable final! This is truly a highlight on the Tuks culture calender, with all the residences competing for this prestigious title.  Mags has quite a reputation as dancing queens as evident in us going through to the finals every year!

UP A Capella

This event is for the nightingales in Mags, and we are always amazed by the amount of talent showcased in this stylish event.  Besides singing your heart out and loving every moment of it, serenade is also a great chance to bond and build new friendships during the months of practice.



Culture plays a very important role in Mags. We usually have 3 culture evenings per year which are hosted by us and a men’s residence at Tuks! Culture evenings consist of exploring new cultures, opening your mind to new ideas and embracing the diversity of people, while having the time of your life with your friends and getting to know new people. 

Culture Internal is not just about culture evenings, but we strive to accommodate all aspects of culture and to give every lady in Mags the chance to be herself in a creative environment.

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