House Songs


House Mags' house song is sung at the end of our house meetings. We all interlink and sway as we sing our hearts out to the catchy melody of this song. It brings us great pride and is an apt description of what Mags means to each lady in the residence.

Verse 1

House Mags, we celebrate your lovely name

You add colour to our lives, and bring sunshine to our days

You make friendships true and strong, we feel like we belong

In you, a real home for our hearts


House Mags' colour paints the campus pink

House Mags' huppel echoes in the wind

Our hearts are filled with passion; we feel it in our blood

And this is our song for House Mags

Verse 2

Each one of use is different, but in one way the same

We share our pride in the pink flower with the pretty name

In our home away from home, we form a sisterhood

Becoming the best that we can be

Chorus (finale)

Mags' colour paints the campus pink

House Mags' huppel echoes in the wind

Our hearts are filled with passion; we feel it in our blood

In you we are strong

We sing all day long

And this is our song for House Mags



We have a very special tradition called the “huppel” which is unique to Mags. The huppel song is sung (in three different languages) whilst skipping across the cement pathway into or out of the residence. We do the huppel because we want to show everyone how happy we are as individuals. The huppel can be sung at any time, on any day. It is, however, mainly sung on Thursdays, also known to Mags ladies as ‘Pink Thursdays’.

In English…


Huppel, huppel, huppel, huppel, because we feel happy!

Huppel, huppel, huppel, huppel, ‘cause we are Spikkeltjies.

In Afrikaans…

En… ons… gaan…

Huppel, huppel, huppel, huppel,  omdat ons vrolik voel!

Huppel, huppel, huppel, huppel , want ons is Spikkeltjies.

In Sepedi…

Bja-le re…

Huppel, huppel, huppel, huppel, a re thabileng!

Huppel, huppel, huppel, huppel, re be le Spikkeltjies.



The Mags song is on the tune of Liquido’s Narcotic Song. Take some time to listen to the tune of this song because this song can be sung at any time and place – whenever and wherever the song is played. The main part of the song is sung by the HK, and the rest of the house joins in at the chorus. This song brings Mags ladies together – so sing it with pride!



Published by Lemé du Toit

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