House Mags' Values

As a Mags community, we live by a value-based system. We pride ourselves in our value-driven culture and we strive to align our actions with our values. Our six values go parallel with the objectives and vision we aim at achieving.

Our six values are:




Understanding and acknowledging our differences without judgment. We encourage, and are content with, different opinions. We are open to listen and willing to have our minds changed. We celebrate one another!



Identify your best qualities and use them to enhance yourself and House Mags. Through challenging one another and ourselves, we reach for the stars towards excellence. Be the Best You can Be, so that House Mags can Be the Best that It can Be. 



We take responsibility for our actions because we know it will affect our own personal image, but most importantly the Mags image. Every Mags lady is considered an owner of the House Mags brand, and therefore it is the responsibility of the ladies to ensure that our home is cherished and protected. 



Treat others the way you want to be treated. This includes acknowledging each other’s humanity and realising that respect starts with yourself. Respect unites us in our differences.




Pride is something Mags ladies share - it unites us and a united house goes so much further. “My alles vir altyd vir Mags!”




Always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking or without receiving acknowledgement. Acting in a way that has House Mags' best interests at heart.


Published by Yolanda Jordaan

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