If you have been accepted as a student in House Mags, make yourself ready for the best time of your life…guaranteed!

But before we share some of the exciting things our Mags ladies experience, first let us just answer some of your questions because as a new student, you probably have all the questions, but no answers.

Where is Mags?

Mags is one of the female residences at the University of Pretoria. It is situated in 1107 Prospect street in Hatfield. Mags is walking distance from campus, shopping centres, book stores, banks, restaurants and churches.

How do I apply for accommodation in Mags?

Please go to the Application and Fees web page for information on how to apply for residence accommodation.

How do I know that I have been admitted (or not) into Mags?

You will receive an acceptance letter through the mail providing you with all the necessary information. If many months have passed since your application and you have still not received any word from the university, please contact CSC (see contact details on Applications and Fees web page).

When do I have to pay my accommodation fees and how much is it?

Residence applications are handled by the Client Service Centre (CSC) at the University of Pretoria. Refer to the Applications and Fees web page for more information.

What is a Spikkel?

A Spikkel is our residence’s unique and special name for our First Year students.

Once I have been admitted, what will happen next?

Mags’s First Year Guardian will contact you (letter in the mail) to invite you to an Open Day at Mags in October. If you do not receive this letter by end of September, please contact the First Year Guardian for details (contact details on Contact Us web page). During this Open Day, you will have an opportunity to have a look at all the facilities the residence offers, order your first year clothing and ask all your burning questions. If you cannot attend the Open Day, the First Year Guardian will help you telephonically.

Where do I find information on Mags?

We trust that much of the information you will be able to find on our website. If not, please contact the residence with any specific questions at email: [email protected]. As a first year student, you will also receive a Spikkel book at the end of the year containing detailed information on Mags, what to expect once you arrive here, as well as information on what to bring along when you arrive at Mags in the beginning of the year.

Who is the First Year Guardian and what is her contact details?

Please visit our Contact Us web page for the name and contact details of the First Year Guardian. She is always your first port of call when you need information or are unsure of anything. You can phone, sms or email her and she will gladly assist.

When do I have to move into Mags?

You will receive information from the University that will provide you with information on Welcome Day (normally a Saturday towards the last week in January or early February). You can also contact the First Year Guardian for information. You will have the opportunity to move in during this day, visit campus to get information on your field of study, attend an information session with the house parents of Mags and get the opportunity to buy and collect your first year clothing. This is the first night you will sleep in Mags and will not be able to go home for 3-4 weeks – so please come prepared.

What should I bring along?

You need to bring your own personal belongings (clothes, personal hygiene products, etc.). You also need to bring your own bedding (single beds are provided) and curtains (optional). Bring enough clothes and personal items for 4 weeks as you may not get the opportunity to go home or buy new items. You do not need to bring any furniture as your room will be equipped with a bed and a study desk and chair. Optional extras you can bring are a study lamp, fridge, television and computer. However, you may not need to bring these items immediately. It may be wise to settle in your room for a couple of weeks and then decide what you think you may need to make your room more comfortable. You will also be requested to bring certain specific items as stipulated in your Spikkel book. If you did not receive your Spikkel book in the mail, please contact the First Year Guardian.

What type of bedding and/or curtains do I need to bring?

  • The bed measurements are as follow: Bed height (33cm); Bed width (76cm); Bed length (186cm). No need to bring a bed and matress - only bedding.
  • The window measurements are as follow: Window height (156 cm); Window width (186cm); Recommended curtain length (170cm).

What will my room be like?

Each floor (floor 3 to 11) in Mags consists of 6 flats. Each flat has 6 rooms (single and double), a bathroom and toilet, as well as a lounge and kitchenette area. A room consists of a bed, a study desk with chair, a built-in cupboard and a wash basin. Most Spikkels will be allocated a double room, which means you will share the room with another Spikkel. Mags has limited single rooms available for Spikkels. Go to the Visual Tour web page for pictures of single and double rooms.

How are rooms allocated?

The First Year Guardian allocates Spikkels to specific rooms. When you receive your Spikkel book at the end of the year, you have to complete the personality questionnaire and mail it back to us. Based on this, room allocations are made. We take into consideration: a) your field of study; b) whether you prefer to live with smokers or non-smokers; c) whether you have a friend from school with whom you would like to share; d) your interests and personality. Special requests should be addressed to the First Year Guardian.

Can I get a single room?

Unfortunately only a few single rooms are available and you will most likely be allocated to a double room. Single room allocation is based on marks - thus the higher your marks, the better your chance of being placed in a single room. Experience has shown that ladies who share a room adapt quicker to residence life, especially during the first 6 months when things are very new and hectic. It may be to your benefit to share a room with someone who studies the same field of study. This enables you to study together, share notes and motivate one another. Great care is taken when grouping ladies together in a double room and very seldom we have to make adjustments because the ladies do not get along.

Will I go through an orientation programme?

Yes, House Mags (and all other residences) has a week-long Welcome Week approved by the University of Pretoria. This Welcome programme is followed within the first seven days after the arrival of the first year students, before classes have started. The primary objective of Wleolcome Week is to enable new first year students to become integrated and accepted members of the Mags residence. It is directed at the group and is intended to assist new first year students to adapt to the academic, residence and campus life; integrate as a group so that a firm bond develops between them; become familiar with the traditions of the University and the Residence; become loyal, involved and disciplined Tukkie students; and discover and develop their potential. The Welcome programme is voluntary, but we strongly suggest that you participate 100% as it will be to your benefit. This is where you will get to know your fellow-Spikkels as well as your new environment. The Welcome Week is monitored by the University and no negative activities are involved. Experience has shown that this is a very positive time for the new Spikkels and that they find it to be one of the highlights of the year. You will be expected to wear your Spikkel uniform during this week, and every Thursday thereafter for the rest of the year. So please ensure that you order, pay and collect the clothes before the Welcome Week commences.

What facilities are available in Mags?

Mags has a recreation hall, dining hall, sitting room, study room, IT lab, laundry room, vending machine, swimming pool, beautiful front lawn and tight security. To have a look at all the facilities available in Mags, please visit the Visual Tour web page.

Will I be safe in Mags?

Mags offers one of the safest accommodation options available. The University of Pretoria offers strict security in and around the residence to ensure the safety of the ladies and their possessions. Curfews are maintained in the residence ensuring that late nights can be devoted to studying and resting. Each Mags resident receives a student card and a white proxy card that will provide her with access into Mags. There are security guards available 24 hours a day and extra security is arranged during special events and functions on the premises. The University also has a “green route” that runs every half hour where security guards accompany ladies from class to the residence during the evening.

Are First Year students allowed to have cars… and what about parking?

Yes, you can bring a car. However, you will seldom need the car because House Mags is close to campus, shops, book stores, banks, restaurants and churches. House Mags has parking space where your car is safe within the perimeter. The University of Pretoria has limited parking space available on campus, but luckily you can walk from the residence to campus.

Can I stay in Mags during university holidays?

Student accommodation covers academic terms only and you will have to vacate your room during vacations. Students, who wish to remain in residence during vacations, must apply with the Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation. If House Mags receives holiday guests (external visitors) you will have to remove all your personal belongings from your room during the holiday period.

May I bring my pet to Mags?

Unfortunately, no pet of any kind is allowed on residence grounds (this includes fish, hamsters, snakes ect.).

Can friends visit me in Mags?

Female friends can visit you in Mags, except in the evenings from Monday to Thursday as this time is allocated for study. Men are not allowed to visit you inside the Mags building. If a man (for example your brother or father) needs to carry something to your room, you will have to get special permission from the Primaria, Vice Primarias or House parents first.

For any other questions, send an email to: [email protected]

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