Mags Community Engagement (RAG)


So, let’s take you on a trip to the weird, yet wonderful world called your imagination...Paint this picture: A blind elderly man is sitting next to the road, shaking his tin, hardly filled with anything. So, you get the old knot in your throat, reach for your purse and throw in a long-lost R2 coin lying at the bottom of your Nine West handbag. And voila...Your work is done!!!!

But then you begin to realise that there is more to be done than throwing the old R2 coin into his half-rusted tin, and there really is more to be done than merely sighing and saying: “Shame.”

Wanna make a difference but you have NO idea about the when’s and how’s....? RAG HAS GOT THE ANSWER...

This organisation enables YOU, yes, even YOU to make a difference in the lives of those who hardly ever smile, those who hardly ever eat and those who hardly ever experience the love which we SO gladly take for granted...

So, buckle up, coz Mags RAG is taking YOU for the charity ride of your life...Whether it be playing with kids, or filling an empty space in the hearts of the elderly, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!



As you well know, money makes the world go round...This time around, your time and money will buy a meal, a pair of shoes, or even a bed for someone who has nothing...So, fill up our piggy banks and give our free time for participating in RAG Projects...It’s as easy as cherry pie...

RAG training starts right here in Mags...Pay attention coz’ Mags wants to turn you into the the best RAGster that has traveled through the corridors of TUKS...



Short term projects

Time to talk about the stuff that REALLY matter… PROJECTS!!!! Short-term projects give us the chance to visit old age homes, orphanages etc and will allow us to put as many smiles as possible on the faces of those who don’t smile very often…Trust us, this is extremely rewarding!!!!

Long term projects

There is one key word to this type of project: SUSTAINABILITY. Get those muscles flexed ‘coz this is where we get to show the men that gals are equally capable of getting physical…We will paint, build, saw, cut - do whatever we can do give a better life to those in need!!!!

Published by Lemé du Toit

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