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Current degree

A new core-elective degree programme has been developed to replace the previous programme. It was introduced in 2011 and is an internationally recognised and recommended approach and will continue to allow graduates to register and work as veterinarians in South Africa. With the exception of the first year of study, which is offered on the Hatfield campus, it will be offered on a full-time basis on the Onderstepoort campus of the University of Pretoria.

The first semester of the first year of study will consist of the same modules as those found in the current BSc (Agric)(Animal Science) / Biological Science/Zoology) programmes. One exception is the addition of Medical Terminology. The Veterinary Professional Life module is not a pre-requisite to be considered for admission to the 2nd year of the new BVSc programme.

From the second year of study, the programme will be presented on the Onderstepoort campus of the University. It will deal exclusively with basic veterinary disciplines such as Anatomy, Histology, Microbiology and Physiology as well as modules in Animal Science, Pasture Science and Professional Life.

The third year will be devoted to the causes and effects of disease and will include modules on Infectious Diseases, Parasitology, Toxicology, Pharmacology, Organ Pathology and Professional Life.

In the fourth year, the student will be introduced to modules aimed at diagnostics and therapeutics and in the first semester of the fifth year with community interaction. Specific species-directed modules in these semesters will also be presented. In the second semester of the fifth year the emphasis will be on the didactic components of the elective modules chosen by students.

The remaining approximately 12 months will be devoted to experiential training in the core and elective components in the academic hospital as well as in satellite and other approved facilities.

Admission requirements

Current degree

Admission to the Veterinary Science programme is by selection as the number of places in the programme is limited. Admission to the first year of the new programme commenced in 2011. Although the first year of the programme is presented on the Hatfield campus of the University, students admitted to the first year of the programme will be identified and known as BVSc I students. The closing date for applications is 31 July.

The minimum entry requirement is the National Senior Certificate (NSC) with the following subjects and levels of achievement: 



 Level of achievement 


 English at Home or First Additional level


60 -69



60 -69

 Physical Science


60 -69


The M-score has been replaced with an Admission Point Score (APS), which will be calculated from the achievement score of the subjects listed above; the minimum APS will be 35 for the 2022 intake. School leavers will be provisionally selected on the basis of their Grade 11 results, and a value-added questionnaire. Selection will be confirmed on the basis of their Grade 12 results which will still have to meet the minimum requirements.

Please note that in order to obtain the NSC, all candidates have to obtain a level of achievement of at least 4 in Life Orientation which is a compulsory subject for all students; the achievement in this subject does not contribute to the calculation of the APS.

Selection forms part of the admission procedure as places in the programme are limited. New students are admitted in the following categories:

- school leavers without tertiary exposure,

- students with previous tertiary exposure,

- international students,

- students nominated by other bodies, and

- repeating students

Selection is based on academic merit (NSC and Value added questionnaire).

A limited number of foreign students may be admitted to the programme. Academic credits and equivalency of course content will be taken into consideration. A valid study permit must be obtained for the duration of the intended study period. Details on study permits can be obtained from any of the staff members of the Client Service Centre. Contact the CSC at 012 420 3111

Please also note that foreign students are subject to certain levies and differential study fees, details of which can also be obtained from the staff members of the Client Service Centre

Transformation in accordance with demography, gender and geographic distribution will be taken into consideration during the selection process.




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