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2019 2-4 December  Jacek Banasiak attended the 62nd Annual Congress of the South African Mathematical Society (SAMS), Cape Town. 
2019 11- 7 November Yves Dumont gave a plenary talk on the usefulness of Mathematical
Modeling for Vector/Pest control at WTAEM in Asunçion, Paraguay.
2019 25-27 November Jean Lubuma and Berge Tsanou gave talks at MADEV19 in Dakar,
Senegal, with titles Analysis of some epidemiological models undergoing or not undergoing backward bifurcations and their nonstandard discretizations and Modeling and Analysis of the Environmental Transmission of Avian Influenza.
2019 20 November - 6 December Yves Dumont - Gustavo Varga Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (Joined
collaboration with Dr Maria Soledad Aronna on SIT)
2019 25-27 September Special session organized by prof M Chapwanya in Epidemiology and Biomathematics under the International Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Applications (ICMSA), UNISA, 
2019 1 - 3 November  2nd October Workshop on Trends in Modeling and Analysis in Life Sciences. It aims to provide a forum for students and emerging and established researchers to explore new Research Trends in Mathematical Modeling and Analysis in Life Sciences. The workshop features scientific lectures by top researchers in the field, and posters by participants demonstrating the importance of mathematics and multidisciplinary research and looking ahead to future developments and advances. The organizing committee includes Roumen Anguelov, Michael Chapwanya, Phindile Dumani, Salisu Garba and Rachid Ouifki.
2018 5-7 October First October Workshop on Research Trends in Mathematical Modeling and Analysis in Life Sciences. The Department organizes a workshop that aims at bringing together researchers (faculty, postdocs, postgraduate students, etc.) in Biomathematics to discuss current topics and share emerging research questions in the area. The workshop intends to provide a forum for interactions between mathematicians and researchers in biology and life sciences. See for further information.
2018 13 April Workshop with Russian delegates from South Ural State University 


20 - 24 March


2017 25 - 30 June  Annual International Conference on Mathematical Methods and Models in Biosciences (Biomath 2017) at Skukuza Camp in the Kruger National Park.
2016 27 Feb - 5 March 3rd Joint UNISA and University of Pretoria Workshop on Theoretical and Mathematical   Epidemiology 
2015 13-17 July Biomath Satellite 2015 Conference 
2015 12 June 9:00-13:00 Mini UNISA and University of Pretoria Workshop(follow up) on Theoretical and Mathematical   Epidemiology 
2015 2-8 March  2nd Joint UNISA and University of Pretoria Workshop on Theoretical and Mathematical   Epidemiology 
2014 29 Oct-1 Nov Special session on Theoretical and Mathematical Epidemiology at the Annual Congress of the South African Mathematical Society
2014 3-8 March Joint UNISA and University of Pretoria Workshop on Theoretical and Mathematical   Epidemiology 
2013 28 October Biosciences/- engineering mini conference




Differential Equations, their Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics

2015 21 September Dr Jean Medard Ngnotchouye
(School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, 
University of KwaZulu-Natal)
Weak convergence for a stochastic exponential integrator and finite element discretization of SPDE for additive noise
2014  14 March Prof Michael Li (University of Alberta, Canada) The role of mathematical modelling in disease control using HIV in China as a case study
   13 March Prof Julien Arino (University of Manitoba, Canada) Using models and data to study the global spread of SARS
  11 March Miss Claire Dufourd PhD Student Spatio-temporal spread of measles in New-Zealand
   6 March Prof Pauline van den Driessche (University of Victoria, Canada) Contribution of mathematical modeling to controlling infectious diseases
   20 February Prof Alexandre S Demidov (Lomonosov Moscow State University,Russia) Inverse problem for plasma equilibrium in Tokamak
2013  02 December Calvin Tadmon (Postdoctoral fellow) The Goursat problem for the Einstein-Vlasov system: (II)The evolution of initial dat
  24 October   Dr Hong Zhang (Jiangsu University, China) Mathematical modelling and analysis of pest management
  17 October Prof Yves Dumont (CIRAD, Umr AMAP, Montpellier, France)  Modelling Tree-Grass Competition for Savanna Ecosystem
  10 October Ms Claire Dufourd (PhD Student) Parameter Identification in population models for insects using trap data
   12 September Prof E Rosinger
Solving general equations by order completion II
   22 August  Prof J Lubuma Nonstandard Discretization in Cancer Modelling




2017 22 to 23 June   Biomathematics Days at UP
2016 16 May Prof Andrea Pugliese The Role of Climatic and Density Dependent Factors in Shaping Mosquito Population Dynamics
2015 22, 24, 27, 29 July Prof Hristo Kojouharov Mathematics Modelling and Simulations in Applied Sciences
















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