October Workshop on Trends in Modeling and Analysis in Life Sciences

Download the workshop poster here. Updates on the poster-in-three presentations are here. Abstracts are here.

Over the years, the application of Mathematics in Biology and Life Sciences opened new and interesting mathematical research problems, in particular, in the areas of Mathematical epidemiology, cancer modeling, ecology, bioengineering, etc.

The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at University of Pretoria organizes a workshop that aims at bringing together researchers (faculty, postdocs, postgraduate students, etc.) in Biomathematics to discuss current topics and share emerging research questions in the area. The workshop intends to provide a forum for interactions between mathematicians and researchers in biology and life sciences. 

This gathering celebrates the 10th anniversary of Mathematical Biology as a focus area within the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at University of Pretoria. It builds on very successful workshops and conferences in the area of Biomathematics organized by the Department.

In addition to identifying fundamental themes in modeling in life sciences, this workshop aims to provide a discussion platform and to reflect, from a South African perspective, on the following questions:

  • How far have we come?
  • Where do we fit in the global trends? 
  • Where should we go? 

The workshop will feature contributions in the form of plenary talks, poster-in-three sessions and group discussions. 

Registration is open here. Registration is now closed. Please contact the organising committee.

Organising Committee 

Michael Chapwanya; Jacek Banasiak; Rachel Combrink; Salisu Garba; Rachid Ouifki