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A project, called GEMDOTIS, about the use of Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) against Bactrocera dorsalis, a
fruit fly, in Réunion island, has been funded by the program Ecophyto 2018 (France). It started in June 2019. Also, another SIT project, CERATIS, against Ceratitis capitata, another fruit fly, in Corsica, is also funded by the program Ecophyto 2019 (France) and will start in January 2020. Yves Dumont is involved in both projects. The project Semilinear and quasilinear systems in fluid mechanics forced by space‐time white noise has been awarded a Research in Paris grant by the Institut Henri Poincare, Paris, France. It is a joint application of Paul Razafimandimby with Zdzislaw Brzezniak and Kazuo Yamazaki


June: Biomathematics Days

At the University of Pretoria Four successful events were held during the Biomathematics Days.

During the Thesis in Three event the following winners were announced: 

1st Prize, Rebecca Bekker

Runner‐ups, David Arogunjo; Phindile Dumani; Yash Madanha

Audience's choice, Emmanuel Amikiya


Advection-reaction partial differential equations with diffusion and/or cross-diffusion for modeling:

  • Bioremediation and biofilms,
  • Cancer growth and therapy,
  • Pattern formation,
  • Production and transmission of queen honeybee pheromone.


Dynamics of some compartmental epidemic models in the setting of :

  • Strong Allee effect,
  • Age structure models for measles with vaccination, treatment and hospitalization,
  • Bovine Tuberculosis epidemic in Human and African Buffalo Population with backward bifurcation phenomenon,
  • Delay differential equations for vector-bone diseases such as the Chikungunya.
  • Volterra integral equations in order to incorporate the infectivity period into the models.
  • Waterborne diseases


Trends in the mathematical modelling of the HIV/AIDS with impact on its control.


Applications of Sobolev spaces in biosciences.


C Kraamwinkel
I Fabris-Rotelli
A Study on the Apparent Randomness of a Wildlife Sample
J Mwambakane Training in Mathematical Epidemiology

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