The finish line is ours!

Posted on June 12, 2019

The BCom Marketing Management honours students in UP’s Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences were approached by [email protected], to develop an innovative experiential marketing campaign to entice UP students to use the resources offered by [email protected] The students were tasked to create relevant, yet extraordinary campaigns to generate student engagement with [email protected]
[email protected] prides itself in motivating and equipping UP students with the necessary support, advice and guidance they need to finish their chosen degree within the minimum required time, hence the tagline and acronym “The Finish Line is Yours” (i.e. [email protected]).
The students truly brought their “A game” on the presentation evening, as each team (comprising five or six members) presented a wide array of possible experiential marketing campaign ideas. “Believe it, receive it, perceive it, it is yours. [email protected] that's the way to go” as quoted by one of the students, perfectly describes the attitude with which the Marketing students approached the challenge. The presentations were exciting and different, with entertaining videos, novel ideas and even a surprise flash mob!
The competitive atmosphere heightened as the bar was raised team after team, and presentation after presentation. Ideas ranged from flash mobs to holograms, only for the next idea to top the last. Student teams notably emphasised that the world of social media, which is the playground for students, needs to be utilised as a platform to engage with the “student generation”.
The panel listened to and participated in the presentations, probed when necessary and provided positive criticism to the respective teams. The quality of work and due diligence shown by the class was noted and admired by the panel. At the end of the evening, the [email protected] team mentioned that they were very impressed with the quality of the presentations, and that professionals could learn a thing or two from the BCom Marketing Management honours students.
The final decision regarding the winners was made by critically analysing the various campaigns and how each would suit the [email protected] programme. Although many wonderful campaigns were suggested, only one team could cross the finish line first, and that team was Students United, with team members Kiah Bouwer, Amber Tidbury, Onkgopotse Mokwana, Arend Kahlau and Daniel Coetzee. In second place was The Relay’s (Brittni van Zyl, Belinda Cant, Kathryn Bennett, Estelle Theron and Goitseone Chomane) and in third place, F.L.O (Brandon Simpson, Dean Koch, Jacqueline Voges, Sizwe Mthembu, Monica Hogg and Jared Miller). Congratulations to the winning teams – the finish line truly is yours!
Winners: Students United with Diana and Hestie from [email protected]
Front row: Diana Cochrane-van Eeden ([email protected]), Hestie Byles ([email protected]), Kiah Bouwer, Amber Tidbury, Onkgopotse Mokwana, Arend Kahlau. (Absent: Daniel Coetzee)
Second place: The Relay’s and Hestie from [email protected]
Front row: Belinda Cant, Brittni van Zyl, Estelle Theron, Kathryn Bennett, Goitseone Chomane, Hestie Byles ([email protected])
Third place: F.L.O with Hestie and Diana from [email protected]
Front row: Brandon Simpson
Back row: Dean Koch, Jacqueline Voges, Monica Hogg, Jared Miller, Sizwe Mthembu, Hestie Byles ([email protected]), Diana Cochrane-van Eeden ([email protected])
The Marketing Management students found the challenge to be a valuable learning experience, as they were encouraged to think outside the box, but also in a practical way. The challenge gave students the opportunity to not only add value to [email protected], but also to provide [email protected] with tools to help even more students in the future. Many thanks go to Hestie Byles and Diana Cochrane-van Eeden for making this challenge possible!
- Author Department of Marketing Management
Published by Liesl Oosthuizen

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