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Posted on March 18, 2019

The University of Pretoria’s BCom Honours Marketing Management class of 2019 were put to the test when they prepared for their first client presentation in their honours year. The presentations to Consulta tested the students’ research, analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as their creativity. Consulta is leading customer experience consulting and market research firm in South Africa, with a staff complement of 80 full-time employees, supported by part-time consultants and researchers.
The students in the Marketing of Services module were provided with a dataset on two fictional companies. They were required to firstly interpret the data, and thereafter to make strategic recommendations that both organisations could implement to improve customer experience and satisfaction.
On 6 March 2019 the 10 student teams presented their recommendations to a panel from Consulta. Consulta was impressed with the hard work students put into the presentations and provided insightful feedback. A valuable lesson learnt from Consulta was that “it is better to show a recommendation than to say it". Students were also coached on how to present data visually. Furthermore, students received a glimpse of what it would be like to work for a consulting firm, which links to the “apprentice style” learning that is an integral component in the UP Marketing Management honours programme.
Although all the presentations and insights were of a high quality, one team stood out above the rest – Nuts About Consulting (Sarah-Lee Hurlimann, Daniel Coetzee, Tyrone Hart, Kevin Canada, Amber Tidbury, and Tjeripo Hijarunguru). Congratulations to this team for winning the panel evaluation prize. Students also had the opportunity to evaluate one another. The winning team chosen via the peer evaluation was The Biscuits (Atari Middleton, Reece Mowatt, Marelé Muller, Charlene Eksteen, Dean Koch, and Stephen Classen).
To end the evening off, the Consulta team received tokens of appreciation from the Department of Marketing Management to thank them for their time, knowledge and willingness to engage with the honours students.
Consulta provided the honours class with their first taste of what a client challenge entails and set the benchmark for the year. Thank you to the Consulta team for taking the time to come to the University of Pretoria and make the evening a valuable learning experience.
Nuts About Consulting, the winning team selected by the panel, with the Consulta team.
Front row: Jeannie Schreuder (Consulta), Monique van Staden (Consulta), and Luzelle van Niekerk (Consulta)
Back row: Sarah-Lee Hurlimann, Daniel Coetzee, Tyrone Hart, Koketjo Mphahlele (Consulta), Kevin Canada, Amber Tidbury, and Tjeripo Hijarunguru
The winning team selected by peers, The Biscuits, and the Consulta team.
Front row: Jeannie Schreuder (Consulta), Monique van Staden (Consulta), Luzelle van Niekerk (Consulta), and Koketjo Mphahlele (Consulta)
Back row: Atari Middleton, Reece Mowatt, Marelé Muller, Charlene Eksteen, Dean Koch, and Stephen Classen
- Author Department of Marketing Management
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