MIS Research


 Master's degrees offered in Research 

  1. MIS specializing in LIBRARY SCIENCE (Code 12254001)

    BIB 890 Dissertation: Library Science

  2. MIS specializing in INFORMATION SCIENCE (Code 12254003)

     INL 890 Dissertation: Information Science

  3.  MIS specializing in MULTIMEDIA (Code 12254005)

    IMY 890 Dissertation: Multimedia

  4. MIS specializing in PUBLISHING (Code 12254007)

    PUB 890 Dissertation: Publishing


 Admission requirements for MIS degrees 

BIS and BIS (Hons) specializing in any of the specific packages for:

  1. Library Science;
  2. Information Science;
  3. Multimedia;
  4. Publishing;
  5. or any equivalent honours degree.

 Application and registration procedures

1.     Please see the guidelines for master's and doctoral applications if you intend applying for master's or doctoral programmes.

2.     Please see the department's Research focus areas.

3.     If current student, download application form here

4.     Students who continue directly after their Honours or Masters studies at UP with their Masters or Doctorate, hand in an application form at the CSC or at EBIT’s Faculty Administration.

5.     Application forms are available at the Client Service Centre (CSC), EBIT’ Faculty Administration in            the Engineering building I, Level 6, or on the University’s website (http://www.up.ac.za). 

 6.     Students who interrupt their studies at UP and now wish to continue, have to pay an application fee when they hand in their application form at the CSC.

 7.     Students coming from other tersiary institutions, need to hand in the following at CSC:  application form, certified copies of their previous qualification(s), Identification Document, a complete academic record and an application fee. [Bring originals during registration.]

 8.     If you cannot register on campus, you can post the above-mentioned to:  EBIT Faculty Administration, University of Pretoria, Lynnwood Road, Hatfield, 0002


Selection Process 

All prospective students will be submitted to selection, which includes a minimum of 65% for the honours degree to be admitted to master studies.


Programme Manager 

Prof Ina Fourie

IT building 6-65  Tel: +27 12 420 5216, E-mail: [email protected]

Website: https://www.up.ac.za/information-science/article/1913412/prof-ina-fourie

Tuition / Registration Fees 

Please see the following website for tuition/registration fees:



Department of Information Science

Contact Program manager

EBIT Faculty Administration

General: Ms L Maruma, Tel.: +27 12 420 5316, E-mail: [email protected]

Admissions – postgraduate master and doctoral degrees:  Mrs Dawn Taljaard, Tel.: +27 12 420 4095, E-mail: [email protected]




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