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Message to all students in the Department of Information Science: 2023

A hearty welcome to all our 2023 students. We wish you well for 2023 and may you experience joy and success in your studies. Below follows the approach we will follow in 2023 with regard to our classes:

We plan to use on-campus classes according to the specified venue capacity, and 40-minute lecturing time slots, and will ensure that we adapt if class capacity or lecturing times change at any stage. All on campus classes will be recorded and made available online.

At undergraduate level, on-campus lecturing will be used to address practical, cognitive and affective skills and experiences that can enrich students’ learning and reinforce skills and knowledge and the social value of class attendance. To ensure that no student is excluded, all on-campus classes will be recorded and/or live streamed. These practical sessions will be complemented by online recordings of theory content and other resources made available on ClickUP. Semester tests and exams will stay online, ensuring quality and integrity and building on the experience of the last two years.

Honours classes will primarily be online, with hybrid options depending on the needs of the degree programme.

We are committed to ensuring all regulations are followed regarding venue capacity and sanitising, in particular to minimise the risks for students with co-morbidities. Booking systems will be set up to offer students the opportunity to attend campus sessions on a rotational basis according to venue capacity. The booking system and processes will be explained to all students bearing in mind that many might not have experience in using such systems.

Support staff e.g. assistant lecturers and tutors, will be available to monitor class entrance according to venue capacity, and address hand sanitizing. Sanitizing wipes will be handed out towards the end of class for each student to wipe their seat area; disposal of wipes will be arranged. Special arrangements will be made for laboratory sessions using laptops and e.g. VRI equipment sanitizing in consultation with practices followed by the IT laboratories.  The wearing of masks and social distancing will be according to requirements; lecturers will not wear a mask during lecturing, but with adherence to social distancing.


The Department of Information Science is unique in South Africa. We offer three main programmes with courses relevant to the trends of the information and knowledge age and economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Information Science , Multimedia and Publishing Studies .

Some of the areas in which we specialise include Knowledge Management, Virtual Reality, and Electronic Publishing. In addition to under- and postgraduate programmes in these areas, we also offer a Masters degree in Information Technology (specialising in Library and Information Science).

We are one of the largest departments offering Information Science in the Republic of South Africa; we are also the only department in the country that offers Publishing at undergraduate level (in addition to postgraduate studies) and the only department that offers Multimedia (specifically Multimedia Programming, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level). Our undergraduate and honours programmes in Information Science include Competitive Intelligence and Information and Knowledge Management. We value the relevance and currentness of our knowledge and courses.

We are very proud of our relationship with the departments of Informatics and Computer Science – our sister departments in the School of Information Technology, and we are also very proud to be part of the iSchools Orgnization.

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