Project Summary

The leaders, supporters and friends of Life Abundant believe that our shared mission of social transformation is best promoted by equipping emerging agents of change so they can serve their faith communities, positioning them to proclaim the truth of God and embody His love.  Life Abundant was thus established within the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Pretoria for the advancement of ministry training, so that these future pastors and teachers, activists and counsellors alike could be richly and meaningfully empowered.


Tuition Assistance

Life Abundant provides students from a variety of backgrounds with the monetary support required to cover a portion of the costs incurred either during registration, or once they have begun their respective programmes at the University of Pretoria.  If any degree candidate can meet with success in the classroom and demonstrate an enduring potential for promoting Christian values in their personal and professional lives, then support from the Fund is readily made available to them.


Research Grants

In consultation with experts from the fields of Church History and Religious Ethics, Biblical Studies and Practical Theology, Life Abundant awards research grants each year to students working on an advanced qualification, namely a Masters or Doctoral degree.  These grants are intended to serve as personal stipends for the award recipients, so that they will be free to assist in the campaigns of investigation and innovation led by the various centres and institutes nested within the Faculty.


Community Engagement

Life Abundant invests in numerous projects and outreaches designed by cohorts of current students which promise to add immediate value to local communities, not to mention lasting depth to their theological studies.  Such engagement with the broader world has included, in recent years, mission trips to African villages, study excursions to European cities, and internships on university campuses in America, each one made possible, to some extent, through this Fund and its generous partner network.


Total Contributions - 2023

R220 284


Total Contributions - 2022

R272 243


Total Contributions - 2021

R200 937


Total Contributions - 2020

R273 000


Total Contributions - 2019

R225 000


Total Contributions - 2018

R202 000


Total Contributions - 2017

R170 000


Total Contributions - 2016

R16 000


In Their Own Words

"I came to the Faculty of Theology with a dream of studying religion.  Life Abundant has provided me with funding that essentially helps me reach closer to that goal.  Apart from financial funding, I am highly grateful for the amount of emotional support that Life Abundant has provided me with.  Thanks Life Abundant!"


"Due to Life Abundant I was given the opportunity to travel, learn and explore different cultures throughout Europe. It was not just four months of my life in Germany, but rather a memory worth a lifetime. It will surely enhance my ministry in South Africa. Thank you for your support."

"Life can direct you to places you never thought you would see, moments you never thought you would experience and darkness you never thought you will find yourself in.  Such is life, but Life Abundant understands what you going through and reaches out."



Annual Reports


Dana Mahan

Fund Manager

Office 2-40

Theology Building

Hatfield Campus

University of Pretoria

+27 12 420 6655

[email protected]



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