About the Faculty

Stimulating and inspiring guidance is given to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Faculty of Theology and Religion. The Faculty also meets the training requirements of the various churches. Our goal is to educate well-equipped ministers of religion. Students are taught to be independent, creative and critical in their thinking and actions. 

The Faculty of Theology and Religion’s most important asset is its people. This Faculty is a home in the true sense of the word to lecturers and students and it is here that students learn, on the basis of a firm faith, to be responsible and well-balanced members of society. Through its lecturers and students the Faculty of Theology would like to be involved in projects that serve society at large, such as support to HIV sufferers and the relief of poverty. We also have a calling to fulfil in the world. Hence the sign at the front door: a hearty welcome to one and all!

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