Supervisors and Expertise

Prof Jerry Pillay

Dean and Head of Department (Church History and Church Polity)

Qualification: B.Th (hons.) (UKZN), M.Th (UKZN), PhD (UCT), D.D (H.C - RUD

Field of Expertise: African Christianity and Development, African and Reformed Christianity, Reformation and Reformed Theology, Ecumenical history and Theology South African Church History

Masters: 3; Doctorates: 1

Email: [email protected]


Prof Ernest Van Eck 

Deputy Dean & Head of Department (New Testament and Related Literature)

Qualification: BA, BA Hon (Greek), MA (Greek), BD, MDiv (New Testament), DD (New Testament)

Field of Expertise: Synoptic Gospels, Pauline studies, Gospel of Thomas, Socioscientific criticism, African Hermeneutics, Narratology, Diaspora hermeneutics, Historical-criticism, Parables; Historical-Jesusstudies, Sexuality and gender in the New Testament Ethnicity, Religion and faith

Masters: 22; Doctorates: 13

Email: [email protected]


Prof Dirk J Human

Head of Department (Old Testament and Hebrew Scriptures)

Qualification: BA Admission, BA Hons (Semitic Languages), MA (Semitic Languages), BD, DD (Old Testament Studies)

Field of Expertise: Old Testament Studies, OT Poetic Literature, Psalms and Wisdom Literature, Old Testament Theology

Masters: 44 ; Doctorates: 16 ; PostDocs: 8

Email: [email protected]


Prof Alphonso Groenewald

Associate Professor (Old Testament and Hebrew Scriptures)

Qualification: BA, BA Hon (Semitic Languages), BD, MA (Semitic Languages), DTh (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Field of Expertise: Psalms and Prophetic Literature, Isaiah

Masters: 3; Doctorates: 2

Email: [email protected]


Dr Gerda de Villiers

Part-time Lecturer (Old Testament and Hebrew Scriptures)

Qualification: DLitt (Semitical Languages), PhD (Old Testament)

Field of Expertise: Semitical languages,Old Testament Studies, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Ancient Myths, Ancient Religions

Email: [email protected]


Dr Ananda Geyser-Fouché

Senior Lecturer (Old Testament and Hebrew Scriptures)

Qualification: BA, BA Hon (Semitic Languages), BD, MA (Semitic Languages), PhD (Old Testament)

Field of Expertise: Old Testament Studies, Wisdom Literature, Narratives & Historiography – Chronicles, Ruth, Ezra, Nehamiah, Apocalyptic literature, Qumran Studies

Masters: 1

Email: [email protected]


Prof Esias E Meyer

Senior Lecturer (Old Testament and Hebrew Scriptures)

Qualification: BA (US), BA Hon (Ancient Near Eastern Studies) (US), BD (US), MA (Ancient Near Eastern Studies) (US), DTh (Old Testament) (US)

Field of Expertise: Pentateuch, Leviticus

Masters: 4 ;  Doctorates: 1

Email: [email protected]

Prof Cas Wepener

Head of Department (Practical Theology)

Qualification: BA (US), BD (US),  MTh (US), DTh (US), MA (Afrikaans) (UP)

Field of Expertise: Liturgy, Homiletics, Ritual Studies

Masters: 34; Doctorates: 7

Email: [email protected]


Prof Yolanda Dreyer

Professor (Practical Theology)

Qualification: BA (UP), BD (UP), ThM (Princeton) DD (UP), PhD (UP)

Field of Expertise: Practical Theology, Pastoral Care and Counselling, Gender Studies, Pastoral Psychology

Masters: 11; Doctorates: 11

Email: [email protected]


Prof Johann-Albrecht Meylahn

Associate Professor (Practical Theology)

Qualification: BTh (HON), 1ST & 2ND THEOL. EXAM (UELCSA), PhD (UP) PhD (VU AMSTERDAM))

Field of Expertise: Practical Theology, Pastoral Care, Congregational Studies, Philosophy of Religion

Masters: 27; Doctorates: 1; PostDocs: 2

Email: [email protected]


Prof Stephan de Beer

Director (Centre for Contextual Ministry Practical Theology)

Qualification: BA (Theol), BA (Hons) (Greek), BD, DD (Practical Theology)

Field of Expertise: Contextual and liberation theologies, Urban theology and urban ministry, Diaconal studies and community development, Practical theology

Masters: 14; Doctorates: 2

Email: [email protected]


Prof Danie Veldsman

Head of Department (Dogmatics and Christian Ethics)

Qualification: BA (UPE), BA (Hons: Greek) (UP), BD (UP), DD (UP)

Field of Expertise: Systematic Theology: Religious Experience, Evolutionary Theology, Theology and Science Dialogue

Masters: 15; Doctorates: 32 PostDocs: 1

Email: [email protected]

Prof Vuyani Vellem

Director (Public Theology) and Senior Lecturer

Qualification: Dip. Theol with Greek (FEDSEM); Bth Hons (Fort Hare), MSocSc(UCT), PhD (UP)

Field of Expertise: Liberation Theology, Christianity and Democracy, Christianity and Economics, Ecclesiology, Public Liberation Theology and Spirituality

Email: [email protected]


Dr Tanya Van Wyk

Senior Lecturer (Dogmatics and Christian Ethics)

Qualification: BTh, MDiv, MTh, PhD

Field of Expertise: The notion of ‘reconciling diversity’ within the fields of: theological anthropology, ecclesiology; doctrine of the Trinity, political theology

Masters: 4

Email: [email protected]


Dr Zorodzai (Zoro) Dube

Senior Lecturer (New Testament and Related Literature)

Qualification: BA (Hons), MPhil (New Testament) University of Oslo, DPhil (New Testament) University of Oslo

Field of Expertise: Gospel of Mark, Hermeneutics, Orality studies

Email: [email protected]


Hanre’ Janse van Rensburg

Senior Lecturer





Prof Johan van der Merwe

Associate Professor (Church History)

Qualification: B.A.Theol., B.A. Hons. Sementic Languages, B.D., D.D., M.Div.

Field of Expertise: South African Church in the 20th Century, History of the Dutch Reformed Church, Church and Society in a post-apartheid SA

Masters: 4; Doctorates: 4

 Email: [email protected]

Prof Wim Dreyer

Senior Lecturer (Church History)

Qualification: BA, BD, DD (UP), PhD (Practical Theology) (UP)

Field of Expertise: Historical Theology (John Calvin, Karl Bath), Comparative Ecclesiology, Mission History, Church Polity, Public Theology

Masters: 6; Doctorates: 1

Email: [email protected]

Prof Nelus Niemandt

Head of Department (Science of Religion and Missiology)

Qualification: BA (UP), BD (UP), DD (UP)

Field of Expertise: Mission studies, Theology of mission, Missional ecclesiology, Emerging missional churches, Ecumenism, Missional leadership

Masters: 20; Doctorates: 10

Email: [email protected]


Dr Attie van Niekerk

Director (Centre for Sustainable Communities)

Qualification: BA BD DD (Pret.)

E-mail: [email protected]




Dr Maniraj Sukdaven

Senior Lecturer (Religion Studies)

Qualification: BTheol (UDW), MA (Missiology) (UFS), PhD (Religion Studies) (UFS)

Field of Expertise: Missiology, Hinduism, World Religions, Religion and Ethics, Manuscript Studies (African Written Heritage)

Masters: 5; Doctorates: 2

Email: [email protected]


Prof Jaco Beyers

Associate Professor (Religion Studies), Programme Manager (Biblical and Religious Studies)

Qualification: BA, BA Hons (Semitic Languages), MDiv (Old Testament Science), BD DD (Science of Religion)

Field of Expertise: World Religions, Theology of religion and religions, Secularization, Inter-religious dialogue

Masters:  5; Doctorates: 3

Email: [email protected]

Dr Hermen Kroesbergen

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow (Systematic Theology)

Qualification: MA (Theol; Rijksuniversiteit Groningen); MDiv (Protestant Theological University, Groningen) PhD (Theol; Protestant Theological University, Utrecht)

Field of Expertise: Philosophy of Religion, Systematic Theology, African Theology, Ludwig Wittgenstein

Email: [email protected]



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