Supervisors and Expertise

Prof Dirk J Human

Deputy Dean: Research and Postgraduate Studies and Head of Department (Old Testament and Hebrew Scriptures)

Qualification: BA Admission, BA Hons (Semitic Languages), MA (Semitic Languages), BD, DD (Old Testament Studies)

Field of Expertise: Old Testament Studies, OT Poetic Literature, Psalms and Wisdom Literature, Old Testament Theology

Masters: 44 ; Doctorates: 16 ; PostDocs: 8

Email: [email protected]


Prof Christo Lombaard

Head of Department (Practical Theology and Mission Studies)

Qualification: BA, BA Hons, MA (UJ), BD (UP), PhD (NWU), DD (UP)

Field of Expertise: Biblical Spirituality (combining aspects of Spirituality Studies with especially Old Testament texts), Post-Secularity (as the current faith-positive world trend), Theological Education.

Email: [email protected]


Prof Alphonso Groenewald

Associate Professor (Old Testament and Hebrew Scriptures)

Qualification: BA, BA Hon (Semitic Languages), BD, MA (Semitic Languages), DTh (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Field of Expertise: Psalms and Prophetic Literature, Isaiah

Masters: 3; Doctorates: 2

Email: [email protected]


Prof Ananda Geyser-Fouché

Senior Lecturer (Old Testament and Hebrew Scriptures)

Qualification: BA, BA Hon (Semitic Languages), BD, MA (Semitic Languages), PhD (Old Testament)

Field of Expertise: Old Testament Studies, Wisdom Literature, Narratives & Historiography – Chronicles, Ruth, Ezra, Nehamiah, Apocalyptic literature, Qumran Studies

Masters: 1

Email: [email protected]


Prof Esias E Meyer

Senior Lecturer (Old Testament and Hebrew Scriptures)

Qualification: BA (US), BA Hon (Ancient Near Eastern Studies) (US), BD (US), MA (Ancient Near Eastern Studies) (US), DTh (Old Testament) (US)

Field of Expertise: Pentateuch, Leviticus

Masters: 4 ;  Doctorates: 1

Email: [email protected]

Prof Stephan de Beer

Director (Centre for Faith and Community, Practical Theology and Mission Studies)

Qualification: BA (Theol), BA (Hons) (Greek), BD, DD (Practical Theology)

Field of Expertise: Contextual and liberation theologies, Urban theology and urban ministry, Diaconal studies and community development, Practical theology

Masters: 14; Doctorates: 2

Email: [email protected]


Prof Danie Veldsman

Head of Department (Systematic and Historical Theology)

Qualification: BA (UPE), BA (Hons: Greek) (UP), BD (UP), DD (UP)

Field of Expertise: Systematic Theology: Religious Experience, Evolutionary Theology, Theology and Science Dialogue

Masters: 15; Doctorates: 32; Post docs: 1

Email: [email protected]

Prof Yolanda Dreyer

Professor (Practical Theology)

Qualification: BA (UP), BD (UP), ThM (Princeton) DD (UP), PhD (UP)

Field of Expertise: Practical Theology, Pastoral Care and Counselling, Gender Studies, Pastoral Psychology

Masters: 11; Doctorates: 11

Email: [email protected]


Prof Tanya Van Wyk

Associate Professor (Systematic and Historical Theology)

Qualification: BTh, MDiv, MTh, PhD

Field of ExpertiseSystematic Theology: Doctrine of the Trinity, Eschatology; Ecclesiology and Theological Anthropology; Political Theology and the notion of reconciling diversity; Feminist Theology and Ethics; Gender, Religion and Sustainable Development (SG 5); Christian Spirituality (mystic spirituality); Christian Ethics: Ethics of human sexuality, Euthanasia 


Masters: 15; Doctorates: 2

Email: [email protected]


Prof Johan van der Merwe

Associate Professor (Systematic and Historical Theology)

Qualification: B.A.Theol., B.A. Hons. Sementic Languages, B.D., D.D., M.Div.

Field of Expertise: South African Church in the 20th Century, History of the Dutch Reformed Church, Church and Society in a post-apartheid SA

Masters: 4; Doctorates: 4

Email: [email protected]

Prof Maniraj Sukdaven

Senior Lecturer (Religion Studies)

Qualification: BTheol (UDW), MA (Missiology) (UFS), PhD (Religion Studies) (UFS)

Field of Expertise: Missiology, Hinduism, World Religions, Religion and Ethics, Manuscript Studies (African Written Heritage)

Masters: 5; Doctorates: 2

Email: [email protected]


Prof Jaco Beyers

Associate Professor (Religion Studies)

Qualification: BA, BA Hons (Semitic Languages), MDiv (Old Testament Science), BD DD (Science of Religion)

Field of Expertise: World Religions, Theology of religion and religions, Secularization, Inter-religious dialogue

Masters:  5; Doctorates: 3

Email: [email protected]

Prof Jacques Beukes

Senior Lecturer (Practical Theology and Mission Studies)

Qualification: BTh (Stell), MDiv (Stell), LTh (Stell), PhD (Stell)

Field of Expertise:  Theology and Development, Community Development, Diaconia/Diaconate, Youth Ministry, Children Ministry, Youth and Environmental consciousness, Faith formation, Christian Education, Congregational studies.  

Email: [email protected]


Dr Buhle Mpofu

Senior Lecturer (Practical Theology and Mission Studies)

Qualification: BTh (UKZN), BTh Hons (UKZN), Postgrad Dip (Stell), MPhil (Stell), PhD (UKZN)

Field of Expertise: Rev Dr Buhle Mpofu has an interest on the interface of religion, missiology, migration, postcolonialism and socio-economic transformation. Most of his research explores missiology through the lived experiences of African diaspora communities in the context of poverty and marginalisation.

Email: [email protected] 



Prof H Knoetze 

Associate Professor (Mission Studies)

Qualification: BA, BD, DD in Mission Studies

Field of Expertise: African Millennials, Poverty alleviation, missional diaconate, theology of missions, the African churches, and theological education in Africa

Masters:  9; Doctorates: 5

Email: [email protected]


Dr H Mdingi

Senior Lecturer (Systematic and Historical Theology)

Qualifications: BA (Theology), Hons Bth, Mth, PhD (Systematic Theology) (Unisa)

Field of Expertise: Systematic Theology, Black Consciousness Philosophy, Black Liberation theology/liberation theologies and Decoloniality, 4IR 

Masters: (ongoing) Doctorates: (ongoing)

Email: [email protected]


Dr Hombana

Lecturer (New Testament and Related Literature) 

Qualification: Licentiate in Theology (CTBS), BA (Theo), MTh (Practical Theology) UP, MTh (New Testament), and PhD (New Testament) University of Stellenbosch.

Field of Expertise: New Testament -Mark and Canonical Gospels, Historical Jesus research, and early Christianity 

Masters: 2 (In progress), Doctorate 1 (in progress)

E-mail: [email protected]


Dr Annette Potgieter

Senior Lecturer (Department of New Testament and Related Texts)

QualificationBTh; BA (Hons Ancient Languages); MA (Ancient Languages); MDiv; MTh (New Testament); Dr theol (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)

Field of Expertise: Pauline literature, metaphor theory, early Christianity, Septuagint 

PhDs: 2

Email: [email protected]


Dr Dieter de Bruin

Lecturer (Department of Practical Theology and Mission Studies)

QualificationBA; BA (Hons); MDiv; MA; PhD (UP)

Field of ExpertiseLiturgical Theology, Homiletical Theology, and Theology of Human Flourishing.

Email: [email protected]


Dr Annelie Botha

Senior Lecturer (Pastoral care and Counselling)

QualificationBA, BA (Hons), MDiv, MTh, PhD (UP)

Field of ExpertisePastoral Care and Counselling, Practical Theology, Pastoral psychology,  gender studies, Women's socialisation, marriage, eco-feminist family ethics.

Email: [email protected]



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