House Mags Residence

House Mags strives to establish a sisterhood and sense of belonging in a home that inspores passion and excellence.

The 26th of March 1982 saw the official opening of House Mags (previously known as Magrietjie), a female residence at the University of Pretoria. Today, many years later, Mags has flourished into a residence of excellence, beauty and pride.

House Mags is called “home” by more than 330 ladies consisting of First Year students (known as Spikkels), Semis (or second year students), Seniors and a House Committee.

House Mags delivers well-balanced, productive and dynamic young women. We are a residence that consitently performs excellently in Sport, Academics, Culture and RAG.

We are walking distance to the Hatfield campus. Our residence offers facilities such as an IT-lab, a study centre, a TV room, music rooms, a recreation hall, a lounge area, a prayer room, a dining hall, a boardroom, washing facilities and a beautiful lawn where we play volley ball. We also have a swimming pool, a table tennis table, chess sets (in pink colour!) and basketball and netball hoops to keep ourselves busy whilst relaxing.

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The House Parent or Chairperson of the residence may be contacted for any residence-specific enquiries.


Prof André Jordaan and Prof Yolanda Jordaan
Tel: 012 420 2012 (home)
Tel: 012 420 3462 / 012 420 2997 (office)
E-mail: [email protected]


E-mail: [email protected]

Read more about our residence at:


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Instagram - @housemags

House Mags offers 332 beds. The following room types are available:
260 single rooms and 72 double rooms (36 beds).

House Mags has 11 floors of which floors 3 to 9 are dedicated to the rooms. Each floor has 6 flatlets. In each flatlet there are 5 rooms (one double and 4 single), a bathroom (with bath and shower), a toilet, and a communal lounge/kitchen area.

Every bedroom has a single bed with mattress, a cupboard, a washing basin with cabinet, a desk, a bookshelf with chair, a mirror, a towel rail and window blinds. The residence also offers wi-fi in the rooms and other communal areas. Students must bring their own bedding. Mattress measurements: 15cm (height) x 76cm (width) x 186cm (length). No need to bring curtains, as each window has blinds.

View the gallery for pictures of the rooms.

House Mags has a number of special practices that are unique to the residence. Herewith a few of the activities that make us unique:

Firstly, our residence colour is PINK (any shade will do!). Our original residence name was Magrietjie, which stems from the beautiful pink Magrietjie flower. At the end of 2018, the University adjusted residence names, and as a result, Magrietjie became House Mags. The word ‘Mags’ has always been associated with the residence. It was used fondly, for many years, by the ladies as a nickname for the delightful Pink Palace. Today we are proudly House Mags with the most vibrant colour of all the residences, namely PINK.

Our mascot is known as MaerGrietjie – a special lady that distinguishes us from other residences. You will see her ‘picture’ everywhere – she is painted on our building and printed on all House Mags clothing items. She sits blissfully holding the proud Magrietjie flower in her hands.

Our slogan - “My Alles Vir Altyd Vir Mags”, and our hashtag - #MAVAVM have stood the test of time and is the principle every Mags lady lives by. Our slogan translated means ‘My All For Mags Forever’.

We have a special name for our first-year students, namely Spikkels. A spikkel represents a ‘beam of light’.

As a House Mags community, we live by a value-based system. We pride ourselves in our value-driven culture and strive to align our actions with our values. Our 6 values are: Acceptance, Ownership, Be the Best that You can Be, Pride, Mutual respect, and Integrity. When you live by our 6 values - you are considered MAGSnificent!

We have a very special tradition called the “huppel” (to huppel means to skip) which is unique to House Mags. The huppel song is sung (in three different languages) whilst skipping across the cement pathway into or out of the residence. We do the huppel because it shows everyone how proud we are to be Mags ladies. The huppel can be sung at any time, on any day. It is, however, mainly sung on Thursdays, also known to House Mags ladies as ‘Pink Thursdays’. You have to experience it to understand it!

House Mags has 2 very special songs: One is our informal MA-MA-MA song which is sung at social events; and the second song is our formal House Song which is sung at the end of our house meetings or important formal events.

House Mags abides by the rules and regulations as outlined in the TuksRes Guide.

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