Living in a UP Residence

Are you looking for that special place you can call your home away from home? Then a residence at the University of Pretoria is just the place for you. Whilst living in a residence, you will be able to take part in a variety of different events, join every committee you can think of, take part in a variety of sports, do community outreach projects and make a lot of new friends. All of this will be available in our residences, where academic progress is on the forefront.

The Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation (TuksRes) is here to help you not only enjoy the above, but also to excel in academics, since you are here to obtain a degree.

With our eight core values, we strive to accommodate you in all aspects you require to make this experience memorable. These core values were chosen not only for their meaning, but for their intent purpose.

TuksRes Values

Respect: the TuksRes family is committed to upholding respect for the dignity and worth of all its residents and beyond.

Integrity: our actions reflect our internal principles of honesty and allow us to act sincerely. 

Accountability: in all our actions we should strive to be both responsible and accountable.

Fairness: we acknowledge that all people want to be treated fairly and that we wish to participate as equals while competing for the same opportunities. 

Commitment: we assume full responsibility for our own growth and development.

Excellence: we will endeavour to create our own future, based on excellence: academically, socially and morally

Pride: a common bond develops while at Tuks and this pride grows as a member of this world class institution.

Relevance: we will support a university that is relevant and delivers on its promises; a university that seeks to address broader social issues.

We envision an on-campus living environment that will support your academic experience. We made it our mission to strive towards creating a community that fosters security, personal development and the rendering of professional services. We are furthermore committed to be responsive to the needs of all residents and to be driven by the ideal of realising a better quality of student life in our residences. We also developed a Welcoming Week programme that will introduce you to the realities of your living and study environment, as well as add value to your development.
We invite you to apply for a place in a residence and be part of the TuksRes Family and life changing experiences.

If you have any questions, queries or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

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