Living in a UP Residence

Are you in search of that unique haven you can truly call your "home away from home"? Look no further than a University of Pretoria residence. Embracing residence life opens the door to a vibrant array of experiences, enabling you to engage in diverse events, participate in numerous committees, delve into various sports, contribute to community outreach projects, and forge meaningful friendships. All of these enriching opportunities are seamlessly integrated within our residences, where unwavering commitment to academic advancement takes center stage.

At the Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation (TuksRes), our mission transcends mere enjoyment – we are dedicated to empowering you to not only relish these offerings but also to excel academically, given your pursuit of a degree.

Guided by our comprehensive set of eight core values, we wholeheartedly strive to cater to every facet of your needs, ensuring your journey remains etched in memory as an unforgettable experience. These core values have been meticulously selected not only for their inherent significance but also for their deliberate purpose.

TuksRes Core Values

Respect: Within the TuksRes community, an unwavering commitment to respecting the inherent dignity and value of all residents and beyond is paramount.

Integrity: Our conduct serves as a direct reflection of our internal principles rooted in honesty, fostering genuine and authentic actions.

Accountability: At the core of our endeavors lies the steadfast pursuit of responsibility and accountability in all our undertakings.

Fairness: We recognize the universal desire for equitable treatment and embrace the principle of equal participation while vying for shared opportunities.

Commitment: We take complete ownership of our personal growth and development, demonstrating an unyielding dedication to this pursuit.

Excellence: Our path forward is paved with a resolute dedication to creating a future defined by excellence – academically, socially, and ethically.

Pride: A collective sense of unity blossoms during one's time at Tuks, and this pride flourishes as an integral member of this world-class institution.

Relevance: We wholeheartedly support a university that not only remains pertinent but also fulfills its commitments; an institution that actively addresses broader societal concerns.

Our vision encompasses a dynamic on-campus living environment meticulously crafted to enhance your academic journey. At the core of our mission lies the dedication to cultivating a community that nurtures security, personal growth, and the provision of exceptional services. Our unwavering commitment extends to being attuned to the needs of all residents, driven by the aspiration to elevate the quality of student life within our residences. Additionally, we have curated a Welcoming Week program designed to acquaint you with the realities of your living and learning surroundings, while enriching your developmental trajectory.

We extend a warm invitation for you to apply for residence placement and become an integral part of the TuksRes Family, embracing transformative life experiences.

Should you have any inquiries, questions, or requests, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].


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