Security Tips

Enhancing Security Measures


Access Control and Safety Measures

1. Secure Your Student Card

   - Always carry your student card with you.

   - Do not grant access to anyone not accompanying you.

   - Never share your access card or allow unauthorized entry.


2. Door and Window Security

   - Avoid propping doors open or leaving them unlocked.

   - Keep your room locked when not present.

   - Ensure windows are closed when not in use.


3. Room Keys

   - Safeguard your room key diligently.

   - Avoid leaving keys in obvious places or with others.

   - Do not leave visitors unattended in your room.


4. Protect Your Valuables

   - Secure laptops in lockable cabinets or safes.

   - Clearly mark your belongings and record serial numbers.

   - Report incidents or losses to Security Services.


5. Cell Phone Security

   - Know your phone's unique 15-digit serial number.

   - If stolen, provide the serial number to your service provider to block the device.

   - Be cautious with your phone, especially in public spaces.


Personal Safety Tips

- Stay Aware: Be conscious of your surroundings.

- Body Language: Display confidence in your demeanor.

- Choose Safe Routes: Avoid poorly lit or isolated areas.

- Vehicle Safety: Lock doors and close windows when driving.

- Vigilance at Stops: Stay alert at traffic lights, stop signs, and parking areas.

- Suspicious Individuals: Trust your instincts and report unusual behavior.


General Safety Guidelines

- Secure Valuables: Never leave them visible in your car.

- Lock Your Vehicle: Keep doors locked and windows closed.

- Avoid Isolation: Don't stop in isolated areas, especially at night.

- Verify Visitors: Accompany guests to their destination.

- Money Handling: Exercise caution and deposit funds promptly.

- Reporting Incidents: Inform Security Services immediately.


Liability and Safety Measures

- University Liability: The University and its staff are not responsible for student property losses.

- Bicycle Safety: Stamp your bicycle with your student number for identification.

- Parking Discs: Obtain a parking disc for secure parking.

- Lost Student Cards: Report lost cards to prevent unauthorized access.

- IT Equipment and Access Control: Avoid tampering, which may lead to disciplinary actions.

- Fire Equipment: Tampering is illegal and punishable by law.

- Recess Periods: Remove belongings and document serial numbers.


Remember, your safety is our priority. Follow these guidelines to promote a secure living environment.

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