Processes and Procedures

Room Allocations & Room Changes

Room allocation is a centralised process. Room allocation takes place before students report to the residence at the beginning of the year.

Due to the limited number of single rooms available in residences, the larger proportion of first-year students and several senior students are accommodated in double rooms.

Room changes are only permissible under exceptional circumstances. Special permission can be granted for a student to move from one room to another.

A Change of Room’ form must be completed before the change is made. This form can be obtained from the Coordinator: Residence Facilities at your residence.  The form must be completed, signed and handed in at the office of the relevant Coordinator: Residence Facilities or post box outside the office. If this procedure is not followed, a fine will be charged and debited to the relevant student’s account.

Notice of Departure

Students who want to leave the residence must give 30 days’ notice of departure online via the UP Student Portal

Notice must be given 30 days prior to departure from the residence. This notice only indicates your intention to move out. A Final Departure Form must be completed and keys returned on the day of departure from the residence.

In the case that a 30-day notice is not received, a student will be financially responsible for the period of stay plus 30 days’ notice period.

No refund will be given if the room is vacated after 15 September annually. Therefore the final day to give notice and still receive a credit is 15 August annually.

Moving out

A student who departs from the residence must return the keys and complete a Departure Form with the Co-ordinator: Residence Facilities at the relevant residence. The room will only be deemed vacated once the keys and form are received.

Recess Accommodation

Student accommodation at UP residences covers the academic period only. Therefore, students have to vacate their rooms during vacations. Students who need accommodation  during the recess period for academic purposes, must apply for such accommodation and will be charged an additional daily fee.

Application for recess accommodation can be made online via the UP Student Portal shortly before the recess.

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