Processes and Procedures

Room Allocations and Room Changes

The process of room allocation is centralized and occurs before students arrive at the residence for the start of the academic year.

Considering the limited availability of single rooms in residences, a significant portion of first-year students and several senior students are accommodated in double rooms.

Under exceptional circumstances, room changes are permitted, but only with special permission. Students are allowed to relocate from one room to another contingent upon approval.

To initiate a room change, a 'Change of Room' form must be completed. This form is accessible from the Coordinator: Residence Facilities at your specific residence. Once the form is filled out and signed, it must be submitted either at the office of the relevant Coordinator: Residence Facilities or deposited in the designated post box outside the office. Failing to adhere to this procedure will result in a fine, which will be debited to the student's account.

Departure Notice

If you intend to leave the residence, you are required to submit a departure notice online through the UP Student Portal, providing a 30-day notice period.

This notice should be given at least 30 days prior to your intended departure date from the residence. Please note that this notice solely signifies your intention to move out. On the day of your departure from the residence, it's essential to complete the Final Departure Form and return your keys.

If a 30-day notice isn't provided, the student will be held financially accountable for the period of stay in addition to a 30-day notice period.

It's important to highlight that no refund will be issued for rooms vacated after 15 September each year. Consequently, to ensure eligibility for a credit, the final date to provide notice is 15 August annually.

Moving Out

When a student leaves the residence, it's essential to return the keys and finalize the process by completing a Departure Form. This form should be submitted to the Coordinator: Residence Facilities at the appropriate residence. The room will be officially considered vacated only upon the receipt of both the keys and the completed form.

Recess Accommodation

Accommodation for students in UP residences is allocated for the academic term exclusively. Consequently, students are required to vacate their rooms during recess periods. However, if students require housing during these recess periods for academic reasons, they can apply for such accommodation and will incur an additional daily fee.

To apply for recess accommodation, students can conveniently make an online application through the UP Student Portal shortly before the break period.


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