How placement is allocated

Prospective First Years

Please see the special offer to academic achievers.


The application for undergraduate residences will be processed and considered once the student has been provisionally admitted for an undergraduate programme. Students who have applied for selection programmes may also be considered for placement while their application is in progress.


All the students who have applied for undergraduate residences are added to the waiting list. Placement is not automatic and is subject to availability as the demand for residences is greater than the availability. The earlier your applications date the better your chances.


Placement is done on an on-going basis, as applications are received, according to date of application and academic merit (based on the final results with which you applied), until the residences are full. After here, your name will be added to the waiting list.


Current Residing Students (Seniors)




Renewal of accommodation takes place on academic merit. A minimum GPA of 50 is required to be considered for placement at a residence, but does not guarantee you a place. The cut-off GPA differs from year to year, from residence to residence and usually varies from 60 to 65.


The first semester GPA is calculated for the renewal of place for the following year. It is thus of the utmost importance to perform academically as from the first semester.


Provisional re-admission to a residence for the following year is determined after the conclusion of the first semester. You must however maintain a GPA of 50 at the end of the academic year and must have passed 50% of modules required for that year to ensure that your provisional placement is kept.


New applications

Placements for non-residing students are also based on academic merit and these applicants will be added to a waiting list.



Director's Placement – Current Students (Seniors)


Should a student experience personal difficulties that have effected their academic performance, they are welcome to apply for Director's Placement.


The application process is available via the UP Student Portal, where it will be required to submit a motivational letter as well as supporting documents which are treated with utmost confidentiality.


These places are extremely limited and an application for a Director's Placement does under no circumstances guarantee a placement in a residence of preference or any other residence. The discretionary Director’s Places are allocated with the support of a committee.

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