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Prospective First-Years

The processing of applications for undergraduate residences comes into effect once students receive provisional admission to an undergraduate program. Applicants engaged in selection programs may also be evaluated for residence placement while their application is under review.

All students who have submitted applications for undergraduate residences are included in the waiting list. It's crucial to note that placement is not guaranteed and hinges on availability, given the overwhelming demand for residences exceeding the supply. The timing of your application plays a pivotal role, with earlier submissions holding higher potential.

Placement unfolds on a continuous basis, aligning with the inflow of applications. This is determined by the application submission date and academic merit, which is gauged from the final results submitted during the application process. This process persists until all residence spots are occupied. Once this capacity is reached, your name will be positioned on the waiting list.


Current Resident Students (Seniors)

Renewal Process

The renewal of your accommodation is contingent upon your academic performance. While a minimum GPA of 50 is necessary to be considered for residence placement, it does not automatically guarantee you a spot. The specific GPA threshold varies each year, from one residence to another, generally ranging between 60 to 65.

To secure your place for the subsequent year, the GPA from your first semester is taken into account. It is imperative to excel academically right from the start of the academic year.

Following the conclusion of the first semester, provisional re-admission to a residence for the next year is determined. Sustaining a GPA of 50 by the end of the academic year and successfully passing 50% of the required modules for that year are essential to maintain your provisional placement.

New Applications

For students not currently residing in our accommodations, placement is similarly based on academic merit. These applicants will be added to a waiting list for consideration.


Discretionary Placement – Current Senior Students

In the event that a student encounters personal challenges that impact their academic performance, they are encouraged to apply for the DIscretionary Placement program.

The application procedure can be accessed through the UP Student Portal, where submission of a motivational letter and supporting documents is necessary. Rest assured, all provided documents are treated with the highest level of confidentiality.

It's important to note that these placements are highly restricted in number. Applying for a Discretionary Placement does not, under any circumstances, guarantee placement in a preferred residence or any other residence. The allocation of these places is overseen by a dedicated committee.

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