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Navigating the path of higher education represents a significant shift, whether it entails stepping away from home for the first time or redirecting the course of one's life. This transformative journey often sparks apprehensions about performance and adaptation. The challenges can be daunting, and feelings of isolation can loom large, especially when past concerns resurface. The weight of homesickness and familial expectations can exacerbate self-esteem struggles and apprehensions of failure, leading to a hesitancy to confide in others due to a fear of judgment.

Acknowledging these complexities, we recognize that personal issues, financial constraints, or other circumstances can influence a student's University experience despite the excellence of their chosen courses. Through TuksRes Student Support, we extend a helping hand to empower students to navigate the convergence of academic and personal demands more effectively while fostering self-awareness and purpose.

Our goal is to ensure that a supportive presence is available to you, alleviating any anxieties that may arise as you navigate university life as a whole and your residence experience in particular.


Anticipating What Lies Ahead

It's completely natural to feel a sense of uncertainty when considering counseling. Reassuringly, seeking the guidance of a counselor at some point during your university journey is a common occurrence.

Challenges have a way of emerging at various stages of your university experience. The ebb and flow of life persists, even as you navigate your studies. A significant loss may occur within your family, relationship difficulties might arise, questions surrounding your sexual identity could arise, or you might find yourself grappling with an eating disorder. The weight of deadlines and exams can at times become overwhelming, inducing feelings of anxiety or depression. There might even be moments when thoughts of leaving cross your mind. Life's complexities can generate considerable stress, and sometimes, engaging in a candid conversation can make a significant difference.

Should you encounter challenges, whether they pertain to personal matters, familial dynamics, or relationships, we have the means to connect you with a professional who possesses the expertise to offer assistance.

Regardless of the nature of your concerns, the avenue of support and referred counseling creates an environment where you can explore these matters within a secure and non-judgmental context.

Empowering Students through Support

Within the realm of the Student Support Division, you'll find an array of both short- and long-term counseling options. Diverse counseling approaches exist, each with its own methodology, and your appointed counselor can provide insights into their respective workings. Embracing the rich tapestry of beliefs and values that students bring, our counselors foster an environment of respect for individual diversity.

In addition to counseling, our team collaborates closely with other on-campus health and support services. Typically, appointments can be scheduled within a week's time. In cases of urgent needs, same-day appointments are available to address emergencies.

TuksRes Student Support: Here for You

At TuksRes Student Support, we're here to assist you in various ways:

- Navigating crises or pressing concerns

- Providing support for ongoing challenges

- Facilitating access to specialized assistance

- Offering referrals to additional resources

"The purpose of life is not to be happy – but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all." - Leo Rosten

Respecting Your Privacy

Within the Support and Counselling Service team, confidentiality is of utmost importance. While it is generally upheld, there are rare and extraordinary situations where the confidentiality principle might need to be breached. Such exceptions arise only when they serve the public interest or comply with the law.

In such cases, your assigned counselor will make every effort to reach out to you and discuss how the limits of confidentiality will be upheld and, if necessary, extended. If your counseling was a result of a referral, we will, upon request, confirm with the referring party that you attended your initial session. Except for this specific circumstance, we uphold your confidentiality and do not disclose your counseling attendance to others.

Please note: This service is provided at no cost to all university staff and students.

Exploring Your Path through Counseling

A constructive way to begin addressing life's challenges is by seeking guidance from a counselor. This process involves engaging with a trained professional to openly discuss the matters that hold significance for you.

Counseling is a dynamic journey that offers you the opportunity, space, and encouragement to delve into and comprehend your concerns. By collaborating with a counselor, you can gain fresh insights into your problems, enabling you to view them from a different vantage point. Their role entails creating a secure environment where you can introspectively examine your circumstances. The overarching goal is to gradually enhance your self-awareness, understanding of your situation, and the array of choices at your disposal. Embarking on this counseling journey necessitates a measure of bravery, as it entails self-confrontation and reaching out to another for assistance.

Enlisting the Aid of Counselors

Counselors, as seasoned professionals, are adept at providing assistance through:

1. Facilitating Self-Understanding: Guiding individuals in comprehending their own abilities and untapped potential.

2. Navigating Life's Transitions: Assisting during shifts between life stages, helping individuals adapt to new circumstances.

3. Thriving Amid Challenges: Supporting personal growth amidst crises or in the face of limited resources.

4. Constructing Fulfilling Paths: Collaborating to set goals, surmount obstacles, access resources, and devise productive life plans.

It's important to note that the role of a counselor or supporter isn't to dictate advice. Instead, counselors are skilled at helping you explore and comprehend your difficulties, fostering greater self-reliance. This process entails attentive listening and careful consideration of the matters being discussed. While counselors won't prescribe actions, they might share insights and offer relevant information when appropriate to aid your progress.

What If You're Concerned About a Friend?

Witnessing someone you care about navigating difficulties can be challenging. It's common to feel concerned, uncertain, and even frustrated about how to offer assistance. When worries about a friend or acquaintance arise, gaining a fresh perspective by conversing with a friend, supporter, or counselor can prove beneficial. This dialogue can help clarify what you can do to assist and provide insights into your role in their journey toward well-being.

Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment with the Division of Student Support is straightforward. Please direct your client service requests to our central email address: [email protected].

To make an appointment directly with a counselor, please click here: SCU Request Form.

For comprehensive information and resources to bolster your resilience and overall well-being, visit:

If you prefer direct communication, you can reach us at 012 420 2333.

Our online office hours through the SCU are from Monday to Friday, 07:30 to 15:30.

Should you require emotional and well-being support beyond regular hours or during emergencies, contact UP Careline at 0800 747 747 or send an SMS to 31393.

Moreover, we recognize that certain situations demand immediate attention. In such cases, we offer a 24-hour Crisis Line at 0800 0064 28.

Your well-being is our utmost concern, and our support is always available whenever you need it.

Your Initial Appointment Experience

Your first appointment will span around 30 minutes. During this time, you'll engage in a discussion, and any inquiries you have will be addressed. You'll also go through a form that provides necessary information. If further counseling sessions are necessary, they will be scheduled. Should you feel the need for more sessions, feel free to communicate this with your counselor or coordinator. At the conclusion of each counseling session, you'll coordinate the time and date for your next appointment with your counselor.

Consistency and Continuity

Throughout your journey, you will consistently meet with the same counselor, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust. However, if at any point you wish to explore working with a different counselor, you have the option to discuss this with your current counselor. Your well-being and comfort are paramount to us, and we are here to accommodate your preferences.

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