House Nala Residence

House Nala, the proudest residence on campus, is also known as the Geel Kasteel (Yellow Castle). We wear yellow, a colour taht resembles our bright, distinctive, friendly and loud culture. We are the residence that's known for being heard before we are seen.

Being part of House Nala means that you are a lioness: Fierce, ambitious, and proud! Our values are our PRIDE and stand for: Pride, Respect, Integrity and Inclusivity, Discipline and Diversity, and Excellence. 
Throughout your stay here at House Nala, you will learn to embody these values and you will learn the true meaning of our saying: "A Nalady, the reason a group of Lions is called a pride."

As proud Naladies, our residence strives to encompass all aspects of university life, including academic, sport, cultural, and social aspects. The goal of our residence is to achieve excellence in everything we do and be as balanced as possible. House Nala aims to release strong and mature women out into the world to leave their yellow paw prints wherever they go. 
House Nala is more than just accommodation. It's a lifestyle. Here you will get to take on the House Nala culture. A culture of pride, fun, friendliness, and passion. This culture will become part of your everyday life. It will shape your character and your day-to-day activities. It will be the foundation of your friendships and the reason for your sisterhood. When you have reached the end of your journey here, you will be a well-rounded Nalady with an entire house by your side, a degree behind your name, and thousands of memories that you can only experience here. Welpies, get your Brul ready because we are going to paint TUKS yellow!

The House Parent or Chairperson of the residence may be contacted for any residence-specific enquiries.


Mr. Carel Willemse
[email protected] / [email protected]


Stay in touch and follow our residence's activities, projects and fun.

Facebook: House Nala

Instagram: @house_nala_1961

We have the following room types available: 162 single beds / 54 double rooms (108 beds).

Make sure that you are fully informed on our residence rules, regulations and traditions we follow. Click here to download residence rules, regulations and traditions.

House Nala History
TheGeel Kasteel
House Nala opened its doors in 1961. The building was renovated entirely in 2015. In early 2019, the name of the Residence changed from Klaradyn to House Nala.
Lions are a symbol of pride, and we take massive pride in our mascots. They form a big part of our identity and have done so for more than 60 years.
Oom Cleo die Leeu
In 1969, 8 years after House Nala was established, a group of Portuguese travelers escaped from Mozambique to come to
South Africa. There was an artist among them who unfortunately became severely wounded and lost one of his arms. However, through therapy, his other arm recovered. As a celebration of his recovered arm, the artist sculpted South Africa's most beautiful and impressive animal - two lions. One day, one of these lions was stolen. The artist withdrew charges when he heard it was students. A few days later the men's res, College, donated Oom Cleo to House Nala. He is guarded by our Primaria.
In 1990, 21 years later, on one sunny morning, Patra was given to House Nala by Sonop. While it is a mystery where Patra came from, rumors have it that she was the other Lion from the same Portuguese artist that sculpted Cleo! Patra is the queen to our beloved king. Together they are the power couple of the century. With every anniversary year, Cleo and Patra are painted in gold.
El Simba
In 2000 Mopane gifted El Simba to our residence. He is our 2nd youngest lion and the guardian of our Archives.
He was given to us by College in 2017. He is the mascot of the Welpies, and he likes to believe that he is the King of House Nala. Bwana is protected by the HC because he is too tiny and irresponsible to be by himself.

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