Residence Placement

How do I apply for residence placement?

The same application form that is used to apply for a study course is also used as an application for residence. A specific division on the form must be completed if you want to apply for University accommodation. It is not necessary to complete another form. Unfortunately residence place cannot be guaranteed as the demand by far exceeds the places available.

Enquiries on private accommodation please see the Private Accommodation Page

Which residence do I apply for?
If you want to apply for a specific residence it must be indicated in the relevant space provided on the application form. If you are not familiar with our residences, you can choose one of the following residences:

Applied for a course in Health Sciences?

If you are applying for a Health Sciences course the procedure is as follows:

  • All students that apply for a residence on the Prinshof Campus (Health Sciences) are considered for a place in a residence on the Hatfield or Groenkloof Campuses if there are places available. The reason for this being, should you not be admitted for a medical related course and requested to be considered for another course, you have already been considered for a residence. As the demand for residences by far exceeds the places that are available, University accommodation cannot be guaranteed.
  • Placement in the Prinshof Campus residences takes place in October after the selection for the following year has taken place. Students who are accepted in the Health Sciences Faculty and have already acquired a place in another residence will automatically be transferred to one of the residences on the Prinshof Campus. This will be subject to the availability of places.
  • The first semester courses for MBChB are offered at the Hatfield Campus but from the second semester all the lectures are offered at the Prinshof Campus. A bus service is available for the first semester – the bus transports students from Prinshof Campus to the Hatfield Campus.


Applied for a course in Education?

Students who apply for any course in the Education Faculty will automatically be considered for a place at the Groenkloof Campus. All lectures in education are offered at this campus. There are three ladies and one men’s residence on the Groenkloof Campus. These are University controlled residences. They are well-equipped residences and are approximately 5km from the Hatfield Campus. Students studying courses offered on the Hatfield Campus are also considered for placement here if the availability of places allows this. There is a bus service (free of charge) between the Groenkloof and Hatfield Campuses.


Applied for Veterinary Science course?

 Students that have been admitted to Veterinary Science will be placed at Onderstepoort.



How does residence placement take place?

Placement is done on an on-going basis, according to date of application and academic merit (grade 11 marks), until the residences are full. Should the residences be full at the time of application, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list and categorised according to date of application and academic merit (grade 11 marks).

How does the waiting list work?

Should the residence be full at the time of application, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list for residences according to academic merit (grade 11 marks) and date of application. As soon as a cancellation is submitted, the first person on the waiting list will be placed; this is a constant process.

How will I know that a place has been allocated to me?

As soon as you have acquired place in the residence, you will receive a written notification. You will be informed about the reservation levy payable, what you need to bring with you, meals and all other applicable tariffs.

If I don’t acquire a place in the residence of my choice?

As the places are limited, it is not always possible to offer everybody a place in the specific residence they applied for. If you really feel that you want to be placed in another residence than the one that was allocated to you, please fax or e-mail us a letter of motivation stating the reason why you want to change to another residence. If cancellations are received, each case will be considered on merit. The request can unfortunately not be guaranteed.

How do I secure my place in residence?

A prescribed reservation levy is payable within 30 days from the date of your placement letter. If you fail to pay this levy within 30 days, your place will be cancelled and allocated to the next person on the waiting list.

How do I keep my place in the residence?

It is important to note that you will only be permitted to take up your place in the residence if you still comply with the minimum requirements after the Grade 12 results are announced. You have to be able to register as a student at the University of Pretoria to qualify for University accommodation.

What if I have been granted a place and I want to cancel?

Please cancel in writing immediately even if our letter states that your place will be cancelled automatically after 30 days if you have not yet paid. This will avoid any misunderstandings. If you have already paid the reservation levy, please state your reason for cancelling, as this can influence the amount to be reimbursed to you.

When do I move into residence?

The relevant dates will be communicated to you in your placement letter. Should it not be possible, for you to take up your place in the residence on that specific day, arrangements must be made with the residence, in writing, to this effect. If the necessary arrangements are not made and/or you do not take up your place, your place will be cancelled and you will forfeit your reservation levy.

Will I be staying in as single room?

First year students are generally allocated a double room.

Once I am staying in the residence, how do I keep my place in my second year?

Renewal of residence place for the following year is based on academic merit. The GPA (Grade Point Average) of the first semester is calculated for the renewal of place for the following year. It is thus of the utmost importance to perform academically as from the first semester! Only students with the highest GPA are placed to fill the senior capacity in the residence and the rest are placed on a waiting list. Students on the waiting list are placed constantly as cancellations are received. The cut-off GPA for placement for the following year differs from year to year, from residence to residence and may vary from 57 to 65.  

Who do I contact should I have any enquiries regarding residence placement?

Enquiries can be done by telephone, fax or e-mail at one of the following contact numbers:

Client Service Centre (CSC)
Tel:        012 420 3111
Fax:       012 420 4555
E-mail:   [email protected]

Remember to e-mail [email protected] with any queries or uncertainties.

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