MMed Protocol Committee

Protocol Submissions:

Prerequisites: Must have completed TNM800 course. Information on TNM800 can be obtained here.


The required documents for MMed submission are the following:

Application form

Supervisor form

Statistical support form (Template: Statistical support form)   

Protocol (Protocol template

Critical appraisal 

Click here to view our Standard Operating Procedure

Note:  Email to submit protocols to [email protected]

NB: Kindly ensure that your protocol adheres to basic grammar, spelling and Vancouver referencing standards before submitting. 

You can consult the library website for information on Vancouver format and referencing tools like EndNote.

Kindly use the built-in MS Word spell checker or a 3rd party program like Grammarly.

There are currently standard recommendations for how clinical research protocols should be designed and the research reported. Please see

NB: Kindly note that registrars may not do randomised control trials for their MMed study. 

2024 DATES


Closing dates for submissions

Meeting Dates

8 January

15 January

29 January

12 February

26 February

11 March

25 March

8 April

29 April

13 May

27 May

10 June

24 June

8 July

29 July

12 August

26 August

9 September

23 September

7 October

28 October

11 November

A large number of protocols are received each year for the last meeting.  Most of these are rushed and of poor quality. We kindly request that you take your time to formulate a well-written protocol and submit timeously to a meeting. For the November meeting, we may defer protocols to the next year should they be of especially poor quality and/or we receive too many protocols to review

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