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Young Theologians win big during 2018 SRC elections at UP
25 September 2018

The Faculty of Theology and Religion is pleased to announce that three of its students have been elected to serve on the Student Representative Council of the University of Pretoria from 2018 to 2019.

These dynamic leaders include Phenyo Montsho, who holds the office of Treasurer, Mathias Shunmugam, over the Sports portfolio, and finally Thabiso Thoka, now in charge of Academics.

This is a most impressive accomplishment, given the fact that Theology and Religion is the smallest faculty on campus.  It is an indication that, in the words of Dean Jerry Pillay, “We are gaining wide recognition at the University of Pretoria.”

He further wished them well in their respective duties, and expressed his trust that they would continue to serve with distinction.


As senior students, Phenyo, Mathias and Thabiso have each tested their mentorship abilities and developed their advocacy skills through the house committee system, an experience which helped prepare them for this new challenge in the time left to them before the day of graduation arrives.

With wisdom from on high, these young theologians are indeed set up for success in the execution of their duties, even as they continue grow and mature into their calling as agents of social transformation.

- Author Dana Mahan
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