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Message from the Deputy Dean

The University of Pretoria hosts an extraordinary Faculty of Theology. Apart from its rich and ambiguous history, this Faculty provides a space for spiritual and intellectual growth. No serious student of Theology leaves this Faculty intellectually untouched. With an ethos of intellectual excellence students and researchers are equipped to build communities, change paradigms, and influence traditional opinions.

As a national asset this Faculty is characterised by:

  • A cohort of specialist lecturers and enthusiastic students – the content of courses are applicable for both church and society;
  • strong research tradition – academic staff has an unusual ability to specialise in specific themes in order to maintain high class teaching;
  • A focus on original biblical languages – especially Hebrew and Greek open up avenues to access the ancient world(s) through ancient languages and cultures.
  • An academic affection for diversity and inclusivity – on different educational levels these values are fostered to strengthen a multi-cultural South African society.
  • An approach to integrate Theology into church and society – Theology thus becomes an angle of incidence to build world view or societal needs and structures.

When you choose to study Theology on an undergraduate or postgraduate level, your choice of this University and Faculty will not be disappointed. The warmth of the academic environment at Tukkies will certainly overwhelm you!

Dirk J Human
Deputy Dean: Faculty of Theology
















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