#YouthInHumanities: Young, Wild and Free

Posted on June 16, 2024

In South Africa, the month of June holds a special significance as it is recognized as Youth Month. This month is dedicated to celebrating the young people of the nation and honouring the role they have played in shaping the country's history and future. For the youth of South Africa, Youth Month is a time of reflection, commemoration, and empowerment.  The month-long celebration is marked by various events and activities that highlight the importance of the youth.

The youth of South Africa identify strongly with this month, as it is a time when they feel seen and heard. It is a time when their voices are amplified, and their concerns are taken seriously. Youth Month gives them a platform to speak out about issues that affect them, such as unemployment, education, and access to opportunities. They are inspired to become agents of change and to challenge the status quo. They are encouraged to be bold and courageous in pursuing their dreams and aspirations, knowing that they have the support and solidarity of their peers behind them – no man is an island.

In a descriptive sense, Youth Month in South Africa is a vibrant and colourful celebration, filled with music, dance, art, and activism. The streets are alive with the sounds of young voices chanting slogans of unity and solidarity. The air is electric with the energy of youths who are determined to make a difference and leave their mark on the world. Everywhere you look, young people are wearing the colours of the South African flag, a symbol of their pride and patriotism.

Youth Month is not only about celebrating the youth, but also about recognizing the power and potential that young people possess. It is a time for the youth to reflect on their role in society and to take ownership of their future while paying tribute to the past, as it marks the anniversary of the Soweto Uprising in 1976, when thousands of black students took to the streets to protest against the unjust apartheid education system. The bravery and sacrifice of these young people paved the way for the liberation of the country and inspired a generation to fight for their rights.

The theme of “young and free” is a powerful one for the youth of South Africa. It represents their desire to be liberated from the shackles of poverty, inequality, and discrimination. It embodies their dreams of a better future, where they can pursue their aspirations and contribute meaningfully to society. The youth of South Africa see themselves as the future leaders of the country.

As the sun sets on another Youth Month in South Africa, the youth gather around bonfires and share stories of their struggles and triumphs. They sing songs of freedom and unity, and they dance the night away in celebration of their resilience and strength. For the youth of South Africa, Youth Month is not just a date on the calendar; it is a state of mind – a reminder that they are young and free.


 Bernadene Shaw is a senior Psychology Student & Secretary of House Humanities.

- Author Bernadene Shaw

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