NRF Rated Researchers

The number of National Research Foundation (NRF) rated researchers at the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences has increased dramatically to a total number of 39 rated researchers.
The rating of individuals is based primarily on the quality and impact of their research outputs over the past eight years, taking into consideration the evaluation made by local and international peers.
The NRF rating system is a valuable tool for benchmarking the quality of researchers against the best in the world. NRF ratings are allocated based on a researcher’s recent research outputs and impact as perceived by international peer reviewers. The rating system encourages researchers to publish high quality outputs in high impact journals/outlets. Rated researchers as supervisors will impart cutting-edge skills to the next generation of researchers. 
Prof Karin Barac
Professor Barac is the Deputy Dean: Research and Postgraduate studies in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences and one of only three NRF-rated researchers who are qualified chartered accountants. Her research focuses on education in and the development of skill and competency requirements for auditors (both internal and external), and governance from an internal auditing perspective. In a field where the focus is primarily on professional examinations and is influenced by these, she has produced quality research at regular intervals and received various research and best publication awards. Professor Barac played an instrumental role in the iKUTU research group, the members of which have been collaborating in research on internal auditing since 2006 and have published three reports and 19 accredited articles. She is the leader of an international research team that was awarded a research grant by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and the UK Financial Reporting Council. The findings of their study on skill and competency requirements for auditors in today’s complex global business environment will be presented during a dedicated session at the BAFA Audit and Assurance Conference to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland in April 2015. She received a C2 rating from the NRF. 
Prof Melodi Botha
Prof Botha, an associate professor and researcher at the Department of Business Management in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, is the Programme Leader for the MPhil degree in Entrepreneurship.
Working in the field of Entrepreneurship, she started her career by concentrating on the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in South Africa and developed the Women Entrepreneurship Programme (WEP). Her research focuses on training, educating and supporting entrepreneurs at different stages of preparing, starting and managing a business.
She holds degrees in BCom Tourism Management (Cum Laude), MPhil Entrepreneurship (Cum Laude) and DCom Business Management from the University of Pretoria. Prof Botha received the Anton Rupert Prize for the best research thesis for a DCom degree in Business Management.
She is a member of the South African Institute for Management Sciences (SAIMS) and the Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) and an external reviewer for many national and international entrepreneurship and management journals. She has made numerous presentations to entrepreneurial and public sector organisations on women entrepreneurship and training skills of entrepreneurs. She has produced many research articles and conference papers and received the best researcher prize from the Department of Business Management in 2006, 2010 and 2017. She has a C3 rating from the NRF.
Prof Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu
Professor Chitiga-Mabugu joined the University of Pretoria as Director and Head of the School of Public Management and Administration in September 2014. She was the Executive Director of Economic Performance and Development at the Human Sciences Research
Council prior to rejoining the University. She had previously been professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Pretoria, where she taught microeconomics, public sector economics, development economics, economic modelling and mathematics
for economists. 
Prof Chitiga-Mabugu obtained her PhD in Economics at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden with the research focus on the economy-wide impacts of public policies on income distribution. Her research interests are the tracing and analysis of the effects of
government policies on households and the broader economy. She has applied various modelling approaches to answering questions on, among others, environmental, trade and socio-economic policies and has conducted research on a wide variety of development issues.
Professor Chitiga-Mabugu has published both locally and internationally, and has also co-authored more than 20 client research reports. In addition, she has supervised more than a dozen PhD and master’s students.
Prof Stephen Coetzee
Prof Stephen Coetzee PhD (CA) SA is an Associate Professor of Accounting. He has taught Financial Accounting at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. He supervises postgraduate research students and is dedicated to continued research in the field of Accounting Education. Within any discipline, a key unifying characteristic of those who undertake research is to be found in their role as educators; hence Prof Coetzee's research seeks to explore key unanswered questions in Accounting Education. He has published in the Top 3 accounting education journals, namely Issues in Accounting Education, Accounting Education and Journal of Accounting Education. He has also received the Exceptional Young Researcher Award at the University of Pretoria. As teacher, Prof Coetzee has received the Teaching Excellence and Innovation Laureate Award at the University of Pretoria and the CHE and HELTASA National Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award.
Prof Sonali Das
Prof Sonali Das is an Associate Professor in the Department of Business Management. She obtained her PhD in Statistics from the University of Connecticut. She is an elected member of the International Statistical Institute and a member of the South African Statistical Association Executive Committee. Her interests lie in functional data analysis and structural equation modeling methods, among other statistical methods for modeling and inference. Her strengths lie in working in trans-disciplinary research projects involving complex data structures. Prof Das chaired the 2nd Women in Science Without Borders conference in 2018. In 2020, she was one of 20 awardees under the 6th Edition of Science by Women to undertake research partnership with the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, funded by The Women for Africa Foundation, Spain. She holds a C3 rating from the National Research Foundation.
Prof Charl de Villiers
Prof Charl de Villiers from the Department of Accounting is also a professor at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, an adjunct professor at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, an extraordinary professor at the University of the Western Cape, and a research fellow at the Centre for Sustainability Management at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany. His research explores the impact of accounting choice and focuses on sustainability and integrated reporting. He has also published and presented extensively on the choice of research topics, what constitutes a contribution to the literature, theory, methodology, and the writing of academic research. His more than 200 research based publications and presentations include in excess of 50 refereed articles in journals such as Accounting, Organizations and Society, Journal of Management, and the Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal. He publishes in both the qualitative and the quantitative research traditions and continues to develop new research projects in both traditions. Prof de Villiers is the editor of Meditari Accountancy Research and serves on several editorial boards, including Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal (AAAJ); Accounting and Business Research; and Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal. He has published 27 articles in refereed journals during the last five years (2011 to 2015).
Prof Anneli Douglas
Professor Douglas is an associate professor in the division Tourism Management, Department of Marketing Management in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. The focus of her research is on business and corporate travel management. Her research has made a significant contribution to building a body of knowledge on corporate and business travel management and in establishing it as a scientific field. She has published in the leading international tourism journals. She is a member of various industry and academic associations, both locally and internationally. She has also been part of several funded research projects, involving international research partners from Australia, Finland and Austria. Prof Douglas is currently the principal investigator of a collaborative interdisciplinary research project, involving seven academics from two international universities (Edith Cowan and Murdoch Universities in Australia) and two local universities (North-West University and the University of South Africa) examining the link between environmental management and responsible tourism. As part of this project, she also investigates the environmentally responsible behaviour of corporate and business travellers compared to that of leisure travellers.
Dr Elizabeth du Preez
Dr Elizabeth du Preez is a senior lecturer of the Tourism Management Division at the University of Pretoria. Her research focuses on destination marketing and sports tourism, with specific interest in consumer research related to environmental behaviour, travel experiences and the influence of culture. She has published in internationally recognised journals including Current Issues in Tourism, Anatolia, Journal of Sport Tourism and Development Southern Africa. She received a best paper award at the Tourism and Events: Impacts and Opportunities Conference in Belfast, UK, 2011. She was awarded an NRF scholarship for her master’s study, NRF/DAAD scholarship for the doctoral study, as well as a grant from the University of Pretoria’s Research Development Fund. As part of a research team, she has been involved in research for the National Department of Tourism as well as South African National Parks. She has also been the project leader and sole researcher for organisations such as Cathsseta (Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport), Sport and Recreation South Africa, Red Bull South Africa, Interkultur (owner of the World Choir Games), the City of Tshwane and Tshwane Tourism Association. Dr du Preez holds a Y2 rating from the NRF.
Prof Chris Evans
Professor Evans is a part-time extraordinary professor in the Department of Taxation in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences (EMS). He also holds a part-time position as professor in the School of Taxation and Business Law at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, and visiting positions at Oxford, Exeter and Monash universities.
His principal areas of research are tax administration, tax legislative analysis and tax policy/reform. These three connected strands enable him to work on the design and development of tax systems throughout the world that can operate efficiently, equitably and simply in their key task of raising revenue for the provision of appropriate services and – in the context of developing countries – can contribute to the critical tax of state and capacity building.
In the period from 2013 to 2016 Professor Evans received a major research grant from the Australian Research Council, which enabled him to lead and conduct a research project titled, ‘Assessing and addressing tax system complexity’. The project has led to numerous articles in international refereed journals and the publication of a major book on tax simplification (2015). He recently completed projects on the relationship between tax and corruption, the burden of tax compliance, and the impact of corporate tax aggressiveness on firm value. He has published separate books on capital gains taxation (2016) and Australian Taxation Law (2017) and is working on a book on comparative taxation scheduled for publication later this year.
Prof Mike Ewing    
Professor Mike Ewing is an Extraordinary Professor of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.  He is the current Executive Dean: Faculty of Business and Law at Deakin University in Australia.
His research interests include marketing communications, marketing strategy, brand management, and health promotion. His work has been published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Information Systems Research, the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Social Science & Medicine amongst others. Two recent meta-analyses place him in the top two most productive marketing communications researchers worldwide.
He has received numerous awards and citations for research, including three consecutive UK Academy of Marketing best paper awards, the inaugural Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research at Monash (2007), the Silver Medal for the best paper published in the International Journal of Market Research in 2008 and the Market Research Society’s David Winton Award for Innovation in Research Methodology in 2009. In 2008, Prof Ewing was appointed to the Board of Governors of the Academy of Marketing Science, and in 2010 he was made a distinguished fellow of the Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy and appointed to the inaugural international advisory board of the Academy of Indian Marketing. He was also recognised as a distinguished fellow of the Academy of Marketing Science in May 2012.
Over the past two decades, Prof Ewing has taught in Australia, Austria, Brunei, China, Czech Republic, England, Finland, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa and Sweden.

Prof Riël Franzsen
Prof Franzsen is a professor in the Department of Economics and Director of the African Tax Institute. He holds a BLC and LLB from the University of Pretoria and a postgraduate certificate in tax law from Unisa. He obtained the LLD from the University of Stellenbosch with a thesis on transfer duty in South Africa for which he received the South African Fiscal Association’s prize for best tax thesis in South Africa. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the International Property Tax Institute and was co-editor of the Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration. On behalf of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (based in Massachusetts, United States) he has acted as an instructor on property taxation in China and Slovenia. Prof Franzsen has authored or co-authored numerous conference papers and-, journal articles, has contributed various chapters to local and international textbooks and is the co-author of Land Value Taxation: An Applied Approach, published in Ashgate. He has acted as an advisor to the governments of Egypt, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda as well as the World Bank.
Prof Augustin Fosu   
Professor Fosu is an extraordinary professor in the African Tax Institute and the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. 
His present areas of interest include the growth, inequality and poverty nexus; institutions, growth and development; and economic implications of external debt constraints. He holds an honorary appointment as research associate of the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE), University of Oxford, UK. He is a member of the International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP). 
Professor Fosu is a managing editor of the Journal of African Economies (Oxford), and editor-in-chief of the Journal of African Trade (Elsevier). His further service on editorial boards, currently or recently, involves many other journals, including Journal of Development Studies, Oxford Development Studies, World Bank Economic Review and World Development. He has published widely, and is listed among the 7% ‘top authors’ globally and the top 1% in Africa.
Prof Yoseph Getachew
Prof Getachew obtained his PhD from UNU MERIT Maastricht University in October 2009. He was a Research Fellow at Durham University, UK over the period August 2010 to December 2013. Since March 2014, he has been appointed as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. His expertise lies in both theoretical and empirical development macroeconomics. His main research interests are Economic Growth, Public Policy, Inequality and Social Mobility. Prof Getachew has published peer-reviewed papers in reputed international journals including the Journal of Macroeconomics, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Research in Economics and Economics Letters.
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Prof Rangan Gupta
Prof Gupta is a professor in the Department of Economics. His academic interests are monetary theory and policy, business cycles and time series econometrics. His work has appeared in many major publications, including international Economics and Finance Journal, International Economic Journal, Journal of Economics and Business, International Journal of Economic Research, South African Journal of Economics and South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences. Prof Gupta is a member of the Economic Association of South Africa (ESSA), the African Econometric Society (AES), the African Institute for Economic Modelling (AFRINEM) and Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA).
Prof John Hall
Prof John Hall is a full professor in the Department of Financial Management. He lectures Corporate Finance to undergraduate and post graduate students and act in supervisory capacity for a number of masters and PhD students. His main research theme is shareholder value creation and a related topic, capital budgeting. A number of accredited articles on these topics had been published, some of which has received best paper awards. These publications led to an invitation by Prof Kent Baker, regarded by The Journal of Financial Literature as among the top 1% of the most prolific authors in finance during the past 50 years, to co-author two chapters on capital budgeting with another international scholar in a specialist subject reference book, Capital Budgeting Valuation: Financial Analysis for Today’s Investment Decisions, published in the USA in 2011. After being approached and invited to co-author papers by an established and acclaimed researcher, prof Hall’s research topics and horizon broadened to include economic growth, stock market development and inflation. Prof Hall continuously receives invitations to review articles of accredited journals. He was awarded a NRF research rating with effect from 1 January 2016.  

Prof Jenny Hoobler

Prof Hoobler is a professor and doctoral programmes manager in the Department of Human Resource Management. She received her PhD in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky, USA. Broadly, her research interests lie in gender and diversity in the workplace; leadership; and intersections between work and family. She serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology and Journal of Organizational Behavior. Over the past five years she has published 15 journal articles and received substantial competitive grant funding. Her 2010 paper on the family−work conflict bias for career women, published in the Academy of Management Journal, was a finalist for the prestigious Rosabeth Moss Kanter award for Best Published Research on Work and Family, across all nations, in 2010. Prof Hoobler was recently appointed to the Brain Trust group of academics at Catalyst, the leading think-tank for research on women and work, based in the United States. 

Prof Roula Inglesi-Lotz
Professor Inglesi-Lotz is an associate professor in the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.
Her research interests focus on the broader relationship between economics and the energy and the natural environments. She investigates energy topics from a macroeconomic perspective to establish robust theoretical frameworks for energy-related questions while adopting rigorous econometric techniques used in various economic fields but which she brings to bear on energy- and environment-focused questions.
In recognition of her research output, the University of Pretoria awarded her the Exceptional Young Researcher award in 2014. The Department of Economics acknowledged her as Junior Researcher of the Year in 2011, 2013 and 2014.

Prof Yolanda Jordaan
Prof Yolanda Jordaan is a full professor and Head of the Department of Marketing Management. As marketing researcher and specialist, with the focus on consumer information privacy and higher education marketing, Prof Jordaan has published numerous articles in local and international academic journals and is also the author and co-author of seven books on marketing and direct marketing. Her most prestigious publication is in the Journal of Advertising, which is considered one of the top 10 international journals within the marketing discipline. She also acted as reviewer for several local and international academic journals.
Prof Jordaan has also been chosen to represent the Services SETA at the European Marketing Confederation (EMC) Academic Group. She has been elected out of a number of nominations that was received.
Prof Jordaan’s specialist topic is direct marketing and as part of her academic career, she has facilitated several training and management programmes for companies and has lectured at universities in the United States, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. She is one of the recipients of the Mellon Foundation Award for research excellence and has also been honoured with an achievement award as an exceptional young researcher, as well as a Laureate Award for education innovation. She was the first lecturer to include direct marketing as a specialised subject within the marketing field at university level.

Prof André Jordaan
Prof Jordaan is an associate professor in the Department of Economics. His main research interests are international economics and trade. He received the Junior Researcher and Top Achiever awards as well as the Dean of Economic and Management Sciences Faculty Research Award. He is the co-author of three textbooks his and reviewing activities include all learning local journals. He was awarded a post-doctoral bursary by the University of Pretoria and also obtained two research bursaries from the Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies Institution. His most significant research contribution of late was the development of an international trade gravity model for South Africa. The model is based on trade between South Africa and 147 trading partners within 33 sectors. It is currently used for trade policy analysis by the Department of Trade and Industry. Prof Jordaan completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and has lectured at universities in the United Stated and Australia. He is a member of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Switzerland as well as the North-South Network on Trade and Development, among others. He was invited by the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany to sign a formal agreement of cooperation.
Prof Herbert Kanengoni
Prof Herbert Kanengoni is an Associate Professor and Professional Industrial Psychology Master’s Programme Manager in the Department of Human Resource Management. He received his PhD in Industrial Psychology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2015. He is registered as an Industrial Psychologist (Health Professions Council of South Africa) and Chartered Human Resource Practitioner (South African Board for People Practices).
His career highlights in research and academic leadership include positions at various universities in South Africa and at Vrije University Amsterdam, Netherlands, as a visiting scholar. His current research interests are broadly premised on positive organisational behaviour, mainly how employees use their psychological resources to persevere in stressful work environments and complexities. He also serves as Section Editor for the South African Journal of Human Resources Management since 2018. He has published numerous primary articles and regularly presents papers at both national and international conferences. He holds a Y2 rating from the National Research Foundation.
Prof Steven Koch
Prof Koch is a full professor and Head of the Department of Economics and serves on the Senior Appointments Committee of the Council and the Research Committee of Senate. His research focuses on the application of applied microeconomics and microeconometrics to the understanding of health, health behaviours, health policy and the relationship between health and other activities. Recently, that focus has been extended to include other household-level decisions and behaviours, especially within energy, forestry and forestry policy. Prof Koch has been the managing editor of the ISI-accredited South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences from January 2008 to December 2012. He has served on the Council of the Economic Society of South Africa, as well as on the Academic Committee of Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA).
Dr Eileen Koekemoer 

Prof Eileen Koekemoer is an associate professor in the Department of Human Resource Management in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences and is registered as an Industrial Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). She serves on the postgraduate committee of the Department and is committed to quality teaching and research. Her areas of research include work−life interaction, career success and the wellbeing of employees. Over the past five years she has published 17 journal articles and received substantial NRF Thuthuka grant funding for her projects.  She is involved in various research projects that investigate the interaction between employees’ work and family life and how it influences their career success and/or wellbeing. She is a section editor of the renowned South African Journal of Industrial Psychology.

Prof Tania Maree
Prof Tania Maree is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing Management. Her primary research interest lies in marketing communications media – in particular advertising and social media. She contributes to the broader field of marketing by serving as a member of several marketing and management associations, acting as a reviewer for many local and international academic journals, and she has co-authored consumer behaviour textbooks. Prof Maree’s research has contributed to the field of integrated marketing communications (IMC) in the form of several publications in local and international peer-reviewed journals, and numerous conference papers in South Africa and internationally. Her research work has been recognised by the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences in the form of the Best Junior Researcher Award for Management Sciences in 2016. Prof Maree’s work successfully adds a voice to the extant marketing communications literature on the African continent as well as globally. She holds a C3 rating from the National Research Foundation.
Prof William McCluskey
Prof William McCluskey is an extraordinary professor in the African Tax Institute within the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. He also held academic positions at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland (Research Reader), Professor of Property Studies at Lincoln University, New Zealand, Visiting Professor at University of Lodz and University of Technology, Malaysia. He obtained his PhD from the University of Ulster in the field of property tax and computer assisted mass appraisal.
Prof McCluskey’s principal areas of research relate to real property tax administration, computer based application to mass valuation including artificial intelligence and machine learning, valuation and geographic information technologies. His academic reputation has resulted in him being appointed as an international expert by the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, European Union and Food and Agriculture Organization. Prof McCluskey has published extensively in international journals, edited and authored several books, working papers and commissioned research reports. He serves on the editorial boards of several leading real estate journals. He has delivered several doctoral students and master’s students. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the International Property Tax Institute. Prof McCluskey has been an invited instructor on courses held in China and Slovenia on behalf of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (based in Massachusetts, United States).

Prof Pierre Mostert

Professor Mostert is a professor in the Department of Marketing Management in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. His research focuses on services marketing, relationship marketing and relationship intention. Research on organisation-customer relationships established that organisations want to build long-term relationships with customers because it leads to higher profits, a better competitive position, and a greater chance of success. Professor Mostert’s research contributes to the current debate by considering organisation–customer relationships from the customer’s perspective. Specifically, his research found that it is possible to identify groups of customers who want to reciprocate the relationship-building efforts of organisations by displaying higher levels of relationship intention. Based on these findings, his research also considered the influence of customer relationship intention on their relationships with organisations following service failures in the service delivery process as well as following organisations’ service recovery efforts to restore customer satisfaction.
Professor Mostert’s current research focuses on a new field in relationship marketing, namely service brand avoidance. His future research will include determining the influence of organisations’ service recovery efforts following service failures on customers’ brand
avoidance behaviour.

Prof Ruthira Naraidoo
Prof Ruthira Naraidoo is an associate professor in the Department of Economics. His main research interests are applied macroeconomic theory and policy and time series econometrics. His work has appeared in international publications, including Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Empirical Economics, European Journal of Political Economy, International Journal of Forecasting and South African Journal of Economics among others. Prof Ruthira is a member of the Economic Association of South Africa (ESSA), the African Econometric Society (AES) and Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA).
Prof Alewyn Nel
Prof Nel is an associate professor and Head of the Department of Human Resource Management. He obtained his PhD in Industrial Psychology from the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus) in 2009 with initial work in the development of the South African Personality Inventory project ( He is also registered as a Psychologist (Category: Industrial) with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, and hold memberships with five additional professional boards which include the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa, International Test Commission, and Society of Personality and Social Psychology. His current research focuses on cross-cultural instrument development and validation studies pertaining to personality, social desirability, identity, cultural intelligence and other organisational behaviour elements. Since 2015 he serves as section editor for the South African Journal of Industrial Psychology and acted as reviewer for manuscripts and abstracts for various national and international accredited journals and conferences. Before June 2015, he authored or co-authored 22 accredited journal articles, and 6 accredited full conference proceedings’ articles. Additionally, his research work was presented at more than 30 conferences. So far, he has successfully supervised or co-supervised 21 master’s and 2 doctoral students.
Prof Stella Nkomo
Professor Nkomo holds a strategic appointment as professor in the Department of Human Resource Management, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. Her internationally recognised research on gender and diversity in organisations has been published in numerous journals and books. She is listed in the international Who’s who in the management sciences and serves on the editorial boards of top journals in the field. In 2009, her research earned her the Academy of Management’s prestigious Gender and Diversity in Organizations Award for Scholarly Contributions. 
Professor Nkomo received the Distinguished Women in Science: Social Sciences and Humanities Award from the South African Department of Science and Technology in 2010 and a lifetime special recognition award from the National Research Foundation in 2014 for capacity building among postgraduate students and young academics. Her most recent accolade has been the CEO Magazine SADC Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to the development and mentoring of young academics in higher education. She is a founding member and president of The Africa Academy of Management.
Prof Annet Oguttu
Prof Annet Wanyana Oguttu is a Professor of Tax Law in the Department of Taxation and in the African Tax Institute. She holds a Doctorate in International Tax Law. Her field of specialisation is international tax law; and in which she has published many articles in various internationally accredited journals. She is an NRF C2 rated researcher. She authored the seminal book International Tax Law: Offshore Tax Avoidance in South Africa (Juta, 2015); co-authored Tax Law: An Introduction (Juta, 2020) and has written several book chapters in other tax textbooks. Prof Oguttu is: a member the UN High-Level Panel on International Financial Accountability, Transparency and Integrity for Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (FACTI Panel); a member of the Davis Tax Committee (DTC) which was appointed by South Africa’s Minister of Finance to assess South Africa’s tax policy framework; and she has served as Commissioner of the South African Law Reform Commission.
She has written reports on various international tax issues for national and international bodies such as: National Treasury; South African Revenue Service; South African Reserve Bank; UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA); UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA) and the International Fiscal Association (IFA). She has presented keynote addresses at conferences organised by international bodies such the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD); African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF); the SAIT’s Tax Indaba; International Bureau for Fiscal Documentation (IBFD); Institute of Austrian and International Tax Law - Vienna; the London School of Economics; the Foundation for International Tax; and the Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation (ICRIT).
She is a board member of: the African Tax Research Network; UP/Gordon Institute of Business Science and the Tax Faculty. She is a visiting professor at the University of Johannesburg and the Institute of Austrian and International Tax Law -Vienna.

Prof Marius Pretorius
Prof Marius Pretorius is a professor in the Department of Business Management. His research focuses on business rescue and therefore covers both strategy and leadership. Business rescue is very new in South Africa and relatively little academic research for this context exists.
His PhD and masters students focus on relevant issues and problems associated with business rescue practitioners in particular. Currently there are eight students working in this research theme with several reports and publications seeing the light in collaboration with government and the turnaround industry. As NRF-rated researcher he drives a web based business resource at to serve the rescue community.
Prof Pieter Schaap 
Prof Schaap is an associate professor in the Department of Human Resources Management in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. He is head of the Department’s psychometrics programmes and lectures at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Prof Schaap is registered as an Industrial Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and registered as a Master HR Practitioner with the South African Board for People Practices. He is a sectional editor for the SA Journal of Industrial Psychology.
The use of psychometric and related measurements has always been highly contentious in South Africa. After 1994, strict non-discriminatory labour practices were implemented in South Africa in terms of the Employment Equity Act 56 of 1998. This legislation prohibits the use of psychometric tests and similar assessments unless scientific evidence shows that the tests are reliable, valid, non-biased and can be applied fairly to all employees. The legislation poses enormous challenges to researchers in a country with 11 official languages, as language and cultural factors may affect test results.
More specifically, Prof Schaap’s research focuses on the use of skill, behavioural and cognitive measurement in organisations and the extent to which measurements can be considered valid and reliable for diverse groups. He received a C3 rating from the NRF.
Prof Astrid Schmulian 
Prof Astrid Schmulian, PhD, CA(SA) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Accounting. She has taught accounting at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels and has received the Teaching Excellence and Innovation Laureate award from the University of Pretoria as well as the National Excellence in Teaching and Learning CHE and HELTASA award. She has supervised Masters and Doctoral students, has presented papers at various conferences, and is on the Editorial Board of an A-rated accounting education journal. Her research field of interest is accounting education and she has published articles in the leading accounting education and higher education journals. A number of Prof Schmulian’s articles were published in one of the top two education technology journals, and in one of the top five higher education journals.


Prof Arien Strasheim 

Prof Strasheim is an associate professor in the Department of Human Resource Management in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, and she lectures quantitative research methods at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Her main research focus area is on statistical methodological issues in the analysis of survey data. Specifically, her interests include extended uses of multi-level structural equation modelling for analysing the psychometric properties of scales, such as dimensionality, discriminant and convergent validity and measurement equivalence when studying multiple groups. These multivariate statistical methods are used to develop attitudinal and behavioural models for modelling data from employees or post-modern consumers in the digital age. In the field of organisational behaviour and marketing, her study interests include greening in organisations, cultural intelligence, talent development, resilience, cognitive style and social interaction among individuals and in teams, leadership and the links among employee attributes and their effects on individual and organisational performance. She received a C2 rating from the NRF.

Dr Liezl-Marié van der Westhuizen
Dr Liezl-Marié van der Westhuizen is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing Management. Her research focuses on consumer relationships with brands, products and services.
She is a member of the Association for Consumer Research (ACR) and Southern African Institute of Management Sciences (SAIMS). She received an Emerald Literati Award (Commended Paper, 2019) for her sole-authored article in the respected Journal of Product and Brand Management.
Furthermore, she was a Visiting Scholar at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies (STIAS, 2019). As part of an international US research team she received a Transformative Consumer Research Grant in 2018 and a Best Paper Award from the 2019 Winter American Marketing Association Conference. She has also been a research project leader for South African National Parks. Upon receiving the Stephan and Pierre Viljoen Award she hosted an international US scholar to share her experience with a broader stakeholder group in South Africa at the University of Pretoria.

Prof Jan van Heerden
Prof Jan van Heerden is a full professor in the Department of Economics. His research in the field of computable general equilibrium (CGE) modelling focuses mostly on how environmental policies affect the South African economy.
His research has been recognised internationally through publications in high-ranking journals such as The Energy Journal and Ecological Economics. He collaborates closely with Monash University in Melbourne who are the world leaders in the field. His current research includes the following: (i) Building a model for the Ugandan Ministry of Finance to model the effects of the newly discovered oil on the country’s economy; (ii) Modelling the effects of increases in electricity prices in South Africa on the national economy, its income distribution and poverty; (iii) Modelling the effects of toll roads in Gauteng.
Prof Jurie van Vuuren
Prof van Vuuren is a professor at the University of Pretoria and Co-ordinator of the Danie Cronje, SAB Chair of Entrepreneurship in the Department of Business Management. He initiated and developed the first Bachelors Degree with specialisation in Entrepreneurship in South Africa and was instrumental in developing the Masters and PhD degrees offered by the Department.
At the age of twenty-five, Prof van Vuuren started the first of four entrepreneurial start-ups as a beginning of an entrepreneurial career. In 1992 he started an Entrepreneurship Education and Training Company that since then has trained over 10500 delegates all over South Africa and the African continent. He authored articles in various South African journals and in more than 20 international conference proceedings from all over the globe. He has lectured at various universities in South Africa, the USA, New Zealand and in African countries. His corporate entrepreneurship clients include companies like First National Bank, African Life Insurance, Denel, Exxaro, Kynoch, Transnet, Sanlam, Transnamib, Netcare, Development Bank of Southern Africa and a number of other smaller companies.
Prof Elmar Venter
Elmar Venter is associate professor of Accounting at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, where he has held tenure since 2008. He has taught both Financial Accounting and Taxation at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. He supervises postgraduate research students, and is dedicated to continued research in the field of Financial Accounting. He is a Chartered Accountant (South Africa) − he held the overall first position in South Africa for the final professional examination written in 2004.
During 2011, Elmar obtained a PhD in Accounting from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His thesis dealt with the pricing and value relevance of earnings components in a setting where earnings disaggregation is mandatory. He publishes in leading international journals such as The International Journal of Accounting; Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal; Abacus and in a number of South African journals. During 2013, he was internationally recognized when he became one of only five emerging researchers from across the globe to be invited to join the Deloitte-International Association for Accounting Education and Research Scholar Programme. He holds the Y1 rating from the National Research Foundation.
Prof Melanie Wiese
Prof Melanie Wiese is a professor in the Department of Marketing Management. She holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Pretoria.
Professor Wiese has published both locally and internationally and has produced many research articles and conference papers. In addition she has supervised several PhD and Master’s students.  She was awarded best senior researcher in Management Sciences by the EMS faculty during 2017 and is also a recipient of a Laureate Award for Education Innovation.
She is a member of the South African Institute for Management Sciences (SAIMS) and external reviewer for many national and international marketing and business journals.
Her research interest pertains to consumer behaviour with specific focus on how consumers make choices. Examples include on-line and off-line shopping choices as well as behaviour toward social media advertising and choices with regard to joining and engaging with on-line brand communities.

Prof Alexander Zimper
Prof Alexander Zimper is a full professor in the Department of Economics. His research interests focus mainly on decision theory, game theory, general equilibrium theory under asymmetric information, asset pricing, financial markets and banking regulation, Bayesian learning under ambiguity and bounded rationality. His research has been recognised internationally through publications in numerous high-ranking journals such as the German Economic Review, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control and British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, to name but a few.
Research grants,were awarded to him, such as the 2010 Netspar Research Grant for his research project “On the Role of Biased Survival Beliefs in a Structural Life-Cycle Model,” joint with Alexander Ludwig and Max Groneck and the 2010 NRF research grant and the 2007 Steven H. Sandell Grant (Centre for Retirement Research at Boston College) for the research project “Life-Cycle Consumption and Savings: On the Interactions Between Mortality Risk, the Notion of Death, and Dynamically Inconsistent Household Behavior,” joint with Alexander Ludwig.
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