Doctoral Graduates

Doctoral graduates: 2020



Thesis title

Ali-Nakyea, A

PhD (Tax Policy)

An examination of oil and gas taxation and revenue management in Ghana

Blackmore, SM

PhD (Tax Policy)

Reversing poverty: the role of institutions, state capacity and human empowerment

Bosch, A

PhD (Economics)

Quantifying household deleveraging following the 2007 South African financial cycle peak

Josias, R

PhD (Public Administration)

An analysis of the mutual acceptance of conformity assessment results within the context of the African Tripartite Free Trade Area

Kok, GS

PhD (Financial Management Sciences)

Board characteristics and the financial performance and risk management of companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Lalor, CA

PhD (Leadership)

Responsible leadership: developing the concept of Leader Character from a virtue ethics perspective

Makena, P

PhD (Economics)

Essays in equilibrium models with imperfections


Makgopa, SS

PhD (Business Management)

The influence of service innovation practices on business performance

McLachlan, PP

PhD (Business Management)

Exploring the relationship between strategy consultants and strategy tools using grounded theory: a strategy-as-practice perspective


Molefinyane, MR

PhD (Economics)

Essays on welfare implications of knowledge acquisition, corruption, and signalling costs from the perspective of a developing country

Moyo, SP

PhD (Economics)

Essays on macroeconomics dynamics and stability on dollarized economy: the case of Zimbabwe


Msiya, M

PhD (Communication Management)

Investigating the corporate reputation of the Eastern Cape Provincial Government

Mushunje, M

PhD (Communication Management)

Customer perceptions of Community Information Centres in Zimbabwe

Mvita, FM

PhD (Financial Management Sciences)

Inter-relationship between the capital structure and distribution policies of companies listed on the JSE

Naicker, K

PhD (Leadership)

Leadership in natural capital accounting

Ngobeni, MV

PhD (Economics)

Assessing technical efficiency of Provincial Health and Education sectors in South Africa

Nyakabawo, W

PhD (Economics)

Essays on the US housing market

Oppong, F

PhD (Tax Policy)

Fiscal decentralisation and autonomy of subnational entities in Ghana

Potgieter (van Heerden), D

PhD (Marketing Management)

Exploring online engagement within Facebook brand communities


Ramfol, R

PhD (Tax Policy)

Taxation of the extractive industry in the context of contemporary international fiscal regimes: lessons for South Africa

Schoeman, AH

PhD (Taxation)

The effects of changes in the Value-Added Tax rate on the tax compliance behaviour in South Africa

Setshegetso, N

PhD (Economics)

Financial risk protection, decomposition and inequality analysis of household out-of-pocket health payments

Simbarashe, N

PhD (Business Management)

Investigating the mediating role of managerial engagement in the relationship between innovation and organisational performance


Smith, JM

PhD (Entrepreneurship)

Measuring entrepreneur behaviour: a psychological action theory conceptualisation and scale validation

Smith, SE

PhD (Accounting Sciences)

Social and cognitive dimensions of language in the learning of introductory accounting

Stofberg, FJ

PhD (Economics)

Essays on dynamic fiscal incidence modelling in South Africa

Van Aswegen, LM

PhD (Organisational Behaviour)

Power, privilege and identity at the margins: identity work transitions of lower echelon managers

Van Staden, JM

PhD (Auditing)

Conceptualising balanced reliance on internal audit work by external auditors

Verbeek, JL

PhD (Marketing Management)

The role of gender in brand anthropomorphism of brand spokes-characters


Ye, Y

PhD (Economics)

Energy poverty and energy demand: a reconsideration of household basic needs



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