Doctoral Graduates

Doctoral graduates: 2022



Thesis title

Bezuidenhout, SC

PhD (Accounting Sciences)

A Management Control Systems approach towards Integrated Reporting

Chipanda, B

PhD (Economics)

Essays on technological trade composition and capital goods imports

Davel, NJ

PhD (Industrial and Organisational Psychology)

The impact of learnerships on human capital development in South Africa

Funjika, P

PhD (Economics)

Essays on intergenerational mobility in Africa

Gribnitz, KJ

PhD (Business Management)

Proposing the variable finance capacity model of fundamental moments in turnarounds

Knoetze, V

PhD (Public Administration and Management)

A cooperative coastal governance institutional framework for the Eastern Cape Province

Letsholo, RG

PhD (Business Management)

Investigating sense-reception in strategy translation

Mandiriza, T

PhD (Public Administration and Management)

Assessment of factors influencing the adoption of public-private partnerships in water infrastructure projects in selected municipalities

Maree, I

PhD (Taxation)

Exploring the relevance of tax incentives in the brewing industry in Africa

Mboweni, T

PhD (Economics)

Commodity price shocks and financial markets

Milindi CM

PhD (Economics)

The impact of technological progress in emissions levels: evidence and lessons from different income- group countries

Ndamase, B

PhD (Entrepreneurship)

Analysing the entrepreneurial orientation of South African universities

Ngqobe, FH

PhD (Public Administration and Management)

Development of a performance and accountability framework for Gauteng municipalities

Nomafu, Z

PhD (Entrepreneurship)

Evaluating high growth entrepreneurs’ knowledge of the South African SMME framework and impact of such knowledge on business performance

Nsanzya, BMK

PhD (Tourism Management)

Evaluating tourism-agriculture linkages for inclusive growth in Zambia

Oosthuizen, M

PhD (Public Administration and Management)

Assessing microaggressions and social cohesion at the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality

Pietersen, ML

PhD (Entrepreneurship)

Exploring impulsivity within entrepreneurial context

Schuld, L

PhD (Business Management)

Creating value through service innovation: an effectual design thinking framework

Seligmann, J

PhD (Financial Management Sciences)

Board characteristics, ownership concentration and value-added efficiency: a multi-theoretic contingency framework

Smit, MM

PhD (Entrepreneurship)

Critical analysis to expand the job creation discourse beyond entrepreneurship

Tabane, LM

PhD (Industrial and Organisational Psychology)

Assessing the effect of management education on vocational behaviour

Van der Ross, MR

PhD (Industrial and Organisational Psychology)

Engagement among academic staff and undergraduate students: a multilevel analysis

Van Staden, AAA

PhD (Public Administration and Management)

Development of an accountability framework in the public procurement system: case of the Limpopo Province

Walters, L

PhD (Economics)

Essays on socio-political factors and economic development




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