Doctoral Graduates

The following Doctorates were conferred during  the Faculty’s graduation ceremonies in 2018
Thesis title
Dr C Bergh
PhD (Industrial and Organisational Psychology)
Linking manager implicit racial and religious bias to abusive supervision: consequences for diverse employees
Dr RCJ Bezuidenhout
PhD (Entrepreneurship)
A critical analysis of the success of small businesses before and after B-BBEEE intervention in Gauteng Province
Dr S Chang
PhD (Economics)
Essays on the determinants of income and wealth inequality in the United States
Dr T Dube
PhD Financial Management Sciences)
An analysis of effects of ownership on capital structure and corporate performance of South African firms
Dr M Humbani
PhD (Marketing Management)
Consumers' adoption and continuance intention to use mobile payment services 
Dr J Kimaro
PhD (Public Administration)
Analysis of the Monitoring and Evaluation system : a case study of the Tanzanian Local Government           
Dr JP Kruger
PhD (Business Management)
A strategic thinking approach to the delivery of a creative and adaptive strategy
Dr A Leonard
PhD (Communication Management)
Corporate reputation risk in relation to the social media landscape
Dr CA le Roux
PhD (Business Management)
Embedding sustainability in management decision making
Dr RMM Letlatsa
PhD (Communication Management)
Implementation of a communication strategy for stakeholder engagement in institutions of higher learning in Lesotho
Dr TB Loate
PhD (Economics)
Essays on monetary policy and banking
Dr TR Mabasa
DCom (Business Management)
Relationship between leadership styles, employee commitment and business performance: a study of black top managers in state-owned enterprises
Dr OS Madumo
DAdmin (Public Administration)
An evaluation of the functioning of metropolitan municipal councils in Gauteng, South Africa                   
Dr GK Maotwanyane
PhD (Entrepreneurship)
Addressing the strategy implementation gap with a liabilities approach
Dr MS Mathibe
PhD (Business Management)
An analysis of multinational enterprises’ of entry for base of the pyramid markets in sub-Saharan Africa
Dr GP Mazibuko
DAdmin (Public Administration)
Analysis of the administration of procurement practices in the South African public sector 
Dr U Mphendu
PhD (Public Administration)
Evaluation of the implementation of professional ethics and anti-corruption legislation: the case of the Social Sector Cluster in the Gauteng Province               
Dr K Mudeme
PhD (Public Administration)
An evaluation of the practice of good governance in the public service of Botswana                                     
Dr CK Okerue
PhD (Entrepreneurship)
Coping mechanisms of African immigrant entrepreneurs in the small business sector in Southern Africa
Dr KO Omotoso
PhD (Economics)
Assessing changes in the social determinants of health and health inequality                                                 
Dr A Oosthuizen
PhD (Entrepreneurship)
Predicting the benefits that small business owners obtain from their accounting practitioners
Dr T Prinsloo
PhD (Informatics)
Livestock traceability systems in Swaziland and Namibia: towards an impact-for-sustainable-agriculture framework        
Dr WJ Rosslyn-Smith
PhD (Business Management)
Exploring the commencement standard for business rescue
Dr MES Sakr
PhD (Economics)
Emerging African multinational corporations: trends and determinants
Dr BO Schlenther
PhD (Tax Policy)
An analysis of tax policy measures required to stem illicit financial flows in the diamond value chain
Dr KI Sirovha
PhD (Public Administration)
Ward based planning to improve service delivery: the case of the North West district municipalities              
Dr K Stander
PhD (Business Management)
Investigating business strategy within the networked environment
Dr JJ van den Heever
PhD (Communication Management)
Investigating social media conversations: towards designing an online reputation management framework for NGO's
Dr F van der Colff
PhD (Financial Management Sciences)
An artificial intelligence model to predict financial distress in companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange                                                   
Dr MJ van der Westhuizen
PhD (Organisational Behaviour)
Reporting for safety: towards a complexity framework informing the social construction of multi-level stakeholder behaviour
Dr RG Wessels
PhD (Public Management)
The establishment of a skills and development training framework for municipal frontline staff: the case of the City of Tshwane
Dr A Wolmarans
PhD (Informatics)
A divestment framework for IT governance: case studies in the South African mining industry
Dr J Zimuto
PhD (Business Management)
Modelling firm resources effects on performance: the mediating role of dynamic capabilities
The following Doctorates were conferred during  the Faculty’s graduation ceremonies in 2017
Thesis title
Dr C Smith
PhD (Accounting Sciences)
The mandatory adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards and financial statement comparability: South African evidence   
Dr ST Masekela
PhD (Business Mangement)
Drivers and hindrances of strategy execution using the balanced scorecard 
Dr SS Lavagna-Slater
PhD (Business Management)
Investigating peer-to-peer lending as a solution to unsecured lending in an imbalanced credit market   
Dr NS Edoo-Sirkissoon
PhD (Entrepreneurship)
Investigating the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and the success of corporate entrepreneurs in the long term insurance industry       
Dr S Bux
PhD (Entrepreneurship)
The effect of entrepreneurship education programmes on the mind-set of South African youth          
Dr LPR Mandengenda
PhD (Entrepreneurship)
A critical analysis of entrepreneurship training programmes for business start-ups and growth in Zimbabwe      
Dr MH Morallane
PhD (Entrepreneurship)
The relationship between personality traits and cognitive adaptability of entrepreneurs      
Dr KOO Amusa
PhD (Economics)
Essays on foreign aid in sub-Saharan African countries   
Dr C Chisadza
PhD (Economics)
Essays in political economy in sub-Saharan Africa  
Dr CK Tipoy
PhD (Economics)
On the impact of exchange rates misalignments on economic growth using homogenous emerging countries  
Dr C Jooste
PhD (Economics)
Dr PHB de Carvalho Jr
PhD (Tax Policy)
Property tax performance and potential in Brazil 
Dr SW Sabela
PhD (Financial Management Sciences)
A three tier approach to determine financial distress of companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange  
Dr K Muganiwa
PhD (Financial Management Sciences)
The determination of soybean futures prices in South Africa    
Dr J Tshipa
PhD (Financial Management Sciences)
Corporate governance and financial performance: a study of companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange        
Dr E Greyling
PhD (Human Resource Management)
The applicability of the Theory of Planned Behaviour to choosing a career as a rural physician in South Africa      
Dr A Barnard
PhD (Industrial and Organisational Psychology)
The application of the Social Axiom Survey ll (SASll) in the South African context             
Dr LS Kgapola
PhD (Labour Relations Management)
Trade unions' service level and member satisfaction      
Dr RPE Gcabo
PhD (Organisational Behaviour)
A framework of social interaction dynamics within temporary project teams in a South African context 
Dr MA Marais
PhD (Informatics)
Social capital as a resource in the Village Operator model for rural broadband internet access and use  
Dr GAP Drotsky
PhD (Marketing Management)
The role of the sales process at trade shows   
Dr JI Isaacson
DCom (Marketing Management)
The relationship between personal cultural orientations and consumer decision-making styles through consumer involvement           
Dr HM Nkwana
DAdmin (Public Administration)
A multisectoral public policy framework for food security in South Africa        
Dr S John 
PhD (Public Affairs)
Administration of the Public Finance Management Act,1999 in the North West Provincial Administration in South Africa                 
Dr RM Mthethwa
DAdmin (Public Management)
Monitoring and evaluation of policy implementation: the Child Support Grant in South Africa        
Dr CA McGladdery
PhD (Tourism Management)
The relationship between international educational tourism and global learning among South African high school learners               
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