Doctoral Graduates

Doctoral graduates: 2019



Thesis title

Dr MC de Klerk

PhD (Accounting Sciences)

Corporate social responsibility disclosure, assurance and financial performance: a cross-country study

Dr OJ Dele-Ijagbulu

PhD (Entrepreneurship)

A contextual study of the relationships between entrepreneurial orientation dimensions and employment growth of small businesses

Dr BBS Didi-Quvane

PhD (Informatics)

Framework for dynamic risk management in responsive organisations

Dr Z Enslin

PhD (Financial Management Sciences)

Behavioural aspects that influence business decision-making by management accounting professionals

Dr CM Joynt

PhD (Accounting Sciences)

The impact of pre-undergraduate preparation courses on the academic performance of accounting students

Dr AD Koekemoer

PhD (Taxation)

A proposed group tax system for South Africa

Dr SM Millard

PhD (Statistics)

Contributions to mixture regression modelling with applications in industry


Dr RS Mkhondo

PhD (Business Management)

Exploring pre-packaging as an enhancement to business rescue processes: the case for South Africa

Dr TS Mkombe

PhD (Communication Management)

Investigating communicative decision-making in the relationship between corporate donors and NGO recipients

Dr JT Mmutle

PhD (Communication Management)

Strategic communication management for governance and sustainability: a participatory communication perspective for inclusive citizenry engagement

Dr BM Mpofu

PhD (Communication Management)

Corporate reputation and financial performance: perspectives of South African executives

Dr NF Munzhelele

PhD (Financial Management Sciences)

Distribution policy and creation of shareholders' wealth: a study of firms listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Dr M Mutsikiwa

PhD (Marketing Management)

The influence of perceived brand personality of social media on users' attitude, motivations and behaviour

Dr C Myburgh

PhD (Industrial and Organisational Psychology)

Predicting academic success: towards an admission and placement model

Dr KD Ramokgopa

PhD (Public Affairs)

Leadership in establishing the Gauteng City-Region: the case of the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality

Dr N Ramnath

PhD (Communication Management)

Factors affecting the adoption of mobile banking among rural South Africans

Dr A Reyneke PhD (Communication Management)

The influence of communication climate on job resources to improve employee engagement

Dr A Schmulian

PhD (Accounting Sciences)

Approaches to social constructivist accounting education

Dr O Selebi

PhD (Communication Management)

Towards a communication framework for South Africa's National Development Plan (NDP)

Dr R Smith

PhD (Informatics)

A co-creation design framework to support elderly rural women in refining an ICT platform

Dr L Stander

PhD (Economics)

Essays on political economy using dynamic general equilibrium models

Dr RL Swart

PhD (Leadership)

The social construction of leadership: a follower-centric investigation into integrated reporting

Dr JJ Szczygielski

PhD (Financial Management Sciences)

Underspecification in the macroeconomic Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT) linear factor model and the role of the residual market factor

Dr AL Taljaard

PhD (Communication Management)

Integrative communication for organisational sustainability

Dr SJH van der Spuy

PhD (Entrepreneurship)

Early-stage entrepreneurship incubation in emerging markets: towards an inclusive selection framework


Dr LJL van Wyk

PhD (Tourism Management)

Astro-tourism as a catalyst for rural route development

Dr JC Vermeulen

PhD (Economics)

Essays on Unconventional Monetary Policy

Dr LE Vivier

PhD (Leadership)

Public leadership practices in participation: a social constructionist analysis of South African local government

Dr NV Winkler-Titus

PhD (Industrial and Organisational Psychology)

Toward an understanding of macro political context and power on organisational development and change

Dr N Zhakata

PhD (Informatics)

A framework for facilitating functioning knowledge in a computer based instruction end-user computing service course

Dr ML Zietsman

PhD (Marketing Management)

Establishing the antecedents and outcomes of a value creation strategy in business banking


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